Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tea Time

"I thought I'd introduce the custom of afternoon tea." - Flora Poste, Cold Comfort Farm

I'm going back to waiting tables this week.  That means that 2-3 weeknights I will leave the house at 4:30pm and not be home until after the kids are in bed.  Time to finally bring some routine and structure to our afternoons.  Snack time at 3:45, right after Jonah walks in the door and then reading lesson and homework.  I know having a set time and place for homework is supposed to be a good thing and I've been meaning to do it and now I finally am.  It also means while they are with a babysitter for the next hour and a half they are free to play and do whatever they want.  It also means I'd better have dinner in the Crockpot or leftovers or something prepared so Brandon can feed them dinner when he gets home but not have to do any real prep.  Time for me to get organized!  I want Brandon's evenings to be relatively stress-free after a long day at work so this way he can have fun with the kids when he gets home and has to put them to bed by himself.  It also forces me to plan, prioritize, and prepare, rather than just flying by the seat of my pants.

I love the British tradition of afternoon tea and I think that a hot, rich, herbal tea with be included in our afternoon snack time more often than not.  The kids love using our pretty tea sets and putting in their own sugar cube and "cream" and stirring and sipping their tea.  Plus, it should keep them from snacking right before dinner if I include a substantial snack along side of their liquid refreshment.

Hurrah for more tea parties at our house :)