Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

After Jonah got home from joyschool on Friday, we had our traditional Good Friday tea with delicious, homemade hot cross buns:)  The kids LOVED doing fancy tea service.  Who knew that pouring their own milk into their tea would be such a hit?!

That afternoon we went to the Discovery museum with auntie Jen, "uncle" Steve, and Railey.

After that we had dinner at Happy Sumo.  Elora liked the sushi rolls and Jonah did not.  Jonah immediately called out an order for "hotstickers" from the server (my friend Jenny) when she came up and asked what we wanted.

We began our morning watching Jonah play a soccer game in the cold. 

Grammy and Papa came up to watch too and then came to our house for brunch and yard work and hanging out.

Elora collecting earthworms while I tilled our garden plot.

Elora threw up in the night and so missed out on church on SUNDAY but she managed to keep down a Peep from her basket and a little breakfast.

 Jonah and I went to church and loved the all-music Sacrament meeting.
After church was over we all went down to Papa and Grammy's house.
Elora still wasn't feeling well.

She perked up a little for the Easter egg hunt with cousins though.

Bryson & Jonah

Coach & Trey

Papa, Bailee, Linda, and Kathy

Elora was fine on Monday and Tuesday but has been sick since Wednesday.  Poor little thing!  I hate to see her loose ANY weight.  Fortunately her stomach bug hasn't affected her personality.  She and Jonah have been pretty much non-stop laughs this week.  Yesterday Brandon overheard her saying, "...but I would fight back cause I'm a bad, bad, bad pwincess."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More From Last Weekend

We also did a bit of hiking at Capitol Reef National Park last weekend.  The first hike we came upon after entering the park was called Chimney Rock, for obvious reasons.  We got out of the car just planning to ramble around for awhile.  We ended up doing a quarter mile hike (there and back) that was quite steep but had great views.  When we got back to the car I looked it up in my guide book and it was listed as "strenuous".  The kids were champs and we only had to hold Elora for a little while.  I, on the other hand, has slightly sore legs for three days afterwards.

We called these the "alien plants"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Weekend

Saturday morning we took a little three and a half hour drive down to visit my Grandpa Bob and his wife Sharlene.  We hadn't been there in two and a half years!  It was nice to visit.

We timed the visit to coincide with Grandpa's annual lamb-mothering.  Grandpa lives in a really small town and every spring he takes care of all the baby lambs who don't have mother's or whose mothers can't nurse them for some reason.  When we got down there he was down to six lambs staying at his place.  They got bottle-feedings three times a day.  We were all smitten.
Heading out to the lamb's pen

At the pen

In the pen

 Feeding the babies

And yes, those are pepsi bottles we are feeding them out of

Just hangin' with their great-Grandpa:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real Life Crush

Happy Birthday to the sexiest man alive!
I love your gorgeous smile, I love your wavy hair, I love your beautiful eyes.
I love you more than is reasonable.
Thank you for your sense of humor, your hard work, and for being an incredible daddy.

Celebrity Crushes - 4th Edition

It's time for another edition of Celebrity Crushes.  As you know, these are highly influenced by the shows I'm currently following and often the character the actor plays in the show.  My biggest weakness is for a great smile and my second is for great hair (usually curly or wavy).

Here's something you won't usually see on my crush list, a blond:
Simon Baker
(the full glory of his smile is not captured here, nor is his knowing smirk)
I know he has a weird nose and saggy eyes but the charm and the smile...
I love his character on The Mentalist

Eric Bana, Australian #2
Weird small mouth but still oh so sexy

Cory Monteith
Never had a crush on him while watching Glee until after I had a dream about making out with him

Will Estes
He plays JJ Pryor on American Dreams and he makes me drool

Mark Salling
Hottest on this whole list

Darren Criss

Matthew Morrison
So pretty much I have a crush on the whole cast of Glee

David Boreanaz
He is handsome, but I have a HUGE crush on his character Seely Booth from Bones

And finally, my girl-crush
Cat Deeley
I love her personality, I love that she is gorgeous and can pull off all sorts of outrageous dresses, hairstyles, and makeup, I love that she has small boobs
I look forward each week of So You Think You Can Dance to see what her stylists will do with her