Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Date Night Reviews

Saturday Brandon and I went and saw Hanna in the theater.  I had never seen a preview for it but it had decent reviews from the critics so I was in.  It was very artistic, creative, weird, and well-made.  Cate Blanchett was, as usual, amazing.  Saoirse (Irish, I believe) Ronan, the main character, was in.cred.i.ble.  Eric Bana was awesome.  It was gripping and violent.  First impression was mostly positive but about two hours later when the euphoria had worn off some we realized that the plot was weak and ridiculous.  Still enjoyed it though.  Can't wait to see something else by this director (Joe Wright) and starring Ronan.

After our early movie we went to dinner at Hapa Grill in Park City (after a little shopping at Whole Foods).  I had never been there before but my friend Bonnie said they had good sushi.  I was a little skeptical of a place with sushi and burgers on the same menu but it was delicious.  I don't think I'm all that discriminating in my tastes for sushi cause I've never really been disappointed in a sushi place.  I even like California Rolls from Target!  Anyway, we got miso soup (which was good but sadly lacked seaweed), three sushi rolls (I prefer rolls over sashimi), and the tacos (?!) that were on the appetizer menu.  Rolls were all delish, especially the dragon roll and the tacos were very good but way overpriced for two tacos that lacked a second corn tortilla to hold them together or give you the option of making them into four.  They had a weird/delicious kimchi salsa that made them seem to go with Asian food (even though it sounds disgusting).  Saw a couple from church at both the movie and the restaurant, which was weird and fun.

Almost talked Brandon into seeing a second movie after dinner but instead we decided to go home.  It was 8:45 when we got there and the kids were still awake in their rooms, which was a huge disappointment.  Also, there was sticky popsicle all over the floors which I had to mop up.  I wish I'd noticed it before I took the babysitter home so I could say something to her about it!

Brandon always says what a lame date going to a movie is, but we always have a blast.  I know you can't talk much during a movie, but it certainly gives you something new to talk about afterwards.  Part of the fun is that we only go to the theater like three times a year so it's a big treat for us and we always get popcorn and a cherry Pepsi and candy- we go all out:)  Anyway, very satisfying date, even though it involved me leaving my purse at the restaurant and having to go back for it.  And we always run some sort of errand while on a date too (this time it was filling the car up with gas).

Happy dating!

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