Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Classic Films

Breakfast at Tiffanys - Holly Golightly is so spontaneous, so whimsical, and yet so sad...
Holiday (1938) - Katherine Hepburn & Cary Grant, need I say more?

Cool Hand Luke - Paul Newman was such a man's man but still so hot.  Probably the newest on this list (1967) so probably the only one originally filmed in color.
His Girl Friday - Another great Cary Grant film, GREAT dialogue, and as you should know, I love stories about journalists
Topper Returns - yes it's a sequel, but you don't need to see the first one (though it's good too)
The Thin Man - Nick Charles, the detective, and his wife Nora, the wannabe detective, oh how I love them!
The Country Girl - An alcoholic Bing Crosby with wife Grace Kelly.  I don't know how such a goofy-looking man could have snagged a woman who looked like that!  Bing proves his metal as a dramatic actor.  Also stars another of my favorites, William Holden.
Little Women (1949 & 1933 versions) - narrowly made the list over 1944's Jane Eyre.  The story is a classic and perhaps I love it so much because I have four sisters.

Love in the Afternoon - Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper, another winning combination of two of my favorite actors.  An incredibly frustrating movie about an innocent young woman and a caddy womanizer...

Alice Adams - Katherine Hepburn in an uncharacteristic role.

As an addendum to this list, I must add on my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films:

To Catch A Thief

Strangers on a Train
The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Rear Window
Dial M for Murder

The Birds

(Critics may argue that Vertigo is his greatest movie, and although I see that it was an incredible piece of work, I did not enjoy it.)

I think I may finally be out of film-list ideas;)


Sheryl said...

Okay, this makes me want to watch old movies. You have one more list to add to your blog...the worst movies ever. :)

Katie said...

Ok, so i have decided that I'm putting my netflix account to use by watching ALL of the movies that you have posted on your movie lists. Cuz you know your movies--I love old classics but I never know which ones to watch. great list.