Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Best Dramas

My Top 10

All the President's Men - I'm a sucker for movies about journalists

Fried Green Tomatoes
I Am Sam
Mary & Max (on dvd 6/15) - despite being stop-motion animation, this is not a children's movie.  And despite being a drama, this is incredibly funny.  I saw this at Sundance last year, it was their opening film.

The Country Girl

The Family Man
Cool Hand Luke
84 Charring Cross Road - 2nd book on this list about pen pals.

Alice Adams
Somewhere in Time

This list seems sort of weak somehow since my favorite dramas are mostly period pieces and a lot of these are on my classics list too.

And what category does Stranger Than Fiction belong in?  I know that technically it is a comedy but it doesn't really feel like one.  And it's a bit of a fantasy film isn't it?


stephanie said...

somewhere in time is one of my favorites, too.

p.s. i saw the first installment of wives and daughters. i loved it.

Skye said...

You have such a large variety of movies in each category. I think I've only seen one movie in this list (I am sam, which I didn't like-probably because I hate Sean Penn). I haven't seen many movies that were made before 1990.