Thursday, January 29, 2009


My friend was telling me the other day that she hates to cook. I don't relate but I understand. Then she said something to the effect that it's not the cooking she hates really, it's the planning, the deciding what to make, etc. She asked me what we have for dinner regularly at our house.

My Family Staples
.Taco Rice
.Unstuffed Stuffed Peppers
These are all about 50% white rice (I know I should switch to brown rice but it just doesn't taste right in these meals. Plus, how can millions of thin Asians be wrong?!)

Other regulars:
.turkey meatloaf (forget everything you think about meatloaf, mine is the best)
.pork chops (one good recipe)
.burritos (several varieties)
.dinner in a pumpkin
.Waikiki meatballs (I think they're the same as these)
.pesto pasta
.asian wraps (recipe)

Regulars that I haven't done in awhile:
.garlic shrimp

Regulars that I don't do as often as I'd like (aka: time or labor intensive):
.dhal bhat (the staple meal of Nepal and possibly my favorite food)
.momos (Tibetan dumplings like Chinese potstickers, only more delicious)

If Brandon cooks (about once a month):
.creamed peas and tuna on toast
.breakfast hash
.BLT sandwiches

There are probably at least a dozen others that I've made so much I don't need a recipe.

Anyway, I am attempting to make a meal plan for the entire month of February rather than my usual one-week plan or my cooking spontaneously with no plan at all. I want to take less trips to the grocery store!
Please email me with any turkey, crockpot, fish, soup, seafood, and vegetarian recipes you would like to share. Thank you! I'm especially in search of a great crockpot lasagna recipe I tried once.


Lauren said...

I actually prefer brown rice. I love the texture. However...I am not a rice fan in the least bit, so I can't give a good opinion.

Mmmm...fajitas sound so good right now!

Lauren said...

I just realized I haven't made meat loaf once since I have been married.