Friday, January 23, 2009

Eight Months Old

Yesterday Elora turned eight months old.
She is such a petite, feminine, little angel. I think she is going to be quite an athelete. She crawls so well and can stand up holding onto anything, even just the wall. When she wants to sit back down she lets go, stands for just a second, and then falls into a sitting position and is immediately off crawling again.
I love the big grin she does all the time lately. She is a happy baby, unless she's hungry. When she's hungry she wants food immediately.
As of this week, Elora sleeps 12 hours uninterrupted at night. She takes two shortish naps during the day.

This is Elora after being uprighted when she plunged headfirst into Jonah's toybox.

Here's our gal playing at her Leapfrog learning table. Jonah says she is "nekkiT" here.

I smile everytime I lay eyes on you. I could stare at you and kiss and squeeze you all day long. You are so beautiful and sweet-tempered and strong. I love you with all my might.
Your mama

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