Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frog, Frog, Monkey, Frog, Frog

Last year I bought a calendar of beautiful frog photographs. Originally I did not intend to use it but to choose the best pictures, frame them, and put them up in Jonahs's room. But I never got around to buying another calendar for the dining room and ended up using that one all year. Having written all over the backs of the photos they were in no shape for being framed anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. So instead I just stuck them up all over Jonah's room in a rock star poster kind of way and though it isn't classy-looking, I absolutely love it, so does Jonah.

The pictures on the ribbon higher up on the wall are Jonah's darling alphabet cards that Aunt Andy gave him when he was born (or before).

Every day at least once he points out all the frogs on his wall to me. "Frog, frog, frog, frog..." When he gets to this one he says, "monkey"

you can see why.

Speaking of calendars, I always buy mine in January at the mall or Barnes and Noble for half price. I always like several and have a hard time choosing which one(s) to buy as there are so many cool ones. This year I went to buy one a couple weeks ago at Barnes and Noble and found they had about 20 left in only about five styles and all were so unacceptable that I find myself using a wildlife calendar that Brandon brought home from work with his partner's dental office information on it. What in the world?

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Skye said...

I always wait till after christmas too. I found a really nice one at deseret book. And I love the frog posters!