Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here is Elora enjoying some peas for lunch today while saying "fuh, fuh, fuh, fuh."

She must be going thru a growth spurt the past couple days because I feel like she wants to eat nonstop. I introduced solids at lunchtime instead of just at dinner as of yesterday.
Elora never did very well with the Gerber (white) rice cereal. I think it may have been the soy oil lecithin in it. Anyway, now introducing her to one food at a time for four days each, she is developing a nice repertoire of foodstuffs.

Her diet currently includes:
occasional Similac Organic infant formula (thank you Stephanie C. for telling people on her blog not to feel guilty for supplementing, it helped me immensely)
Happy Bellies organic brown rice cereal (DHA + probiotic immunity support)
sweet potatoes
Beech Nut Oatmeal cereal for babies
And any crumbs she can get her hands on.

She was quite pleased with herself the other day when she managed to swallow a large crumb from one of Jonah's cheese rice cakes before I could get it out of her mouth. This morning I came out of the bedroom to find her foraging underneath Jonah's highchair while Brandon merely shrugged his shoulders.

Speaking of food, I am looking for good breadmaker recipes. If you have some you could share, please email me!

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victoria said...

yay!! She looks bigger too. I think you are right!