Friday, January 16, 2009

Even When He's Bad...

...he's really still pretty good.
Jonah that is.
Yesterday I told him I needed to give Elora her "boo boo" milk and lay her down to sleep. He said, "hush", walked out of the room, said, "bye, bye", and shut the bedroom door. This is a huge improvement from the past several weeks/months of listening to him scream outside of the door for two minutes while I nurse before he decides to find something better to do.

It got a little too quiet out there and I was pretty sure I knew exactly what he was doing. When I emerged nine minutes later I found him standing proudly in the dining room holding out a cookie to show me and saying, "coo-kee".
I remembered him noticing and pointing out a bag of homemade cookies on the counter earlier. Instead of hiding them in the pantry right then like I should have, I continued chopping onions.
The funny/great part is that Jonah apparently dragged a chair into the kitchen, climbed up, reached up on the counter, opened the bag of cookies, took only one out, and then put the chair away before enjoying his cookie, which he had just begun licking when I came out of Elora's room.

These pictures are actually from about a month ago when Jonah took a single chocolate candy off the counter while I was away feeding the baby.


first said...

What cookie? So sneaky...I love it.

Klin said...

So clever. Or just well taught. I love that he put the chair away first. Did he close the bag up, too?