Sunday, February 05, 2012

Birthday Boy

My little boy turned five on Tuesday.  He got to take cupcakes to preschool on Monday and he had tumbling class on Tuesday.  He opened one present in the morning and his big present (a six car racetrack) at lunch-time when Daddy was home.  In the evening he got Spiderman bubblebath and new books from Nana Lisa.

Yesterday 11 of Jonah's friends came over for a Spiderman birthday party.  It was a lot of fun.
The gang about to have a "snowball" fight

Kids finding their bag of party favors in Spiderman's web


Red velvet cupcakes (from a box) with cool whip and a blueberry on top.

After the kids left at four, Grammy & Papa came over.
Grammy made chocolate frosting for the coconut cake I made and Jonah helped her frost it.
Andy, Coach and Trey came over just before I finished making dinner and we chowed down on sweet pork salads & burritos.

Legos and so many Spidey gifts!

Trey and Jonah had fun racing each other across the room after finishing their cake.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More Sundancing

Will Forte!  One of the funniest men alive and also on my most recent Celebrity Crushes list.  SO sweet. Hugged me when I told him that he was my favorite SNL guy.

Anthony Anderson (loved him in the film and in person)

Graham Phillips - isn't he adorable?  Also an incredible actor.

David Duchovny
I'm a huge fan.  I watched all nine seasons of X-Files.  He proved himself to be funny without a script in the Q&A session after the film but certainly not especially friendly in person (but at least he took some time with fans).

Parker Posey took this photo of Cherolyn and I with her after the premier of her latest independent film, Price Check, which we enjoyed but didn't love.

Rena and I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Leavitt's live and pre-recorded performances at the Hit RECord show (of which I have unimpressive video) but we waited 20 minutes after the show for him and then when we asked him for a photo with him he refused:(

Still cute after midnight

Goats was by far the best of the three shows I saw and was the best Sundance movie I've seen in three years.  Brandon, Linda, Alan, and I went to its premier last Tuesday night after having a delectable dinner at Silver.  Watch for it in theaters in a few months, I'm sure it found a big-name studio to buy it.  Touching and SO funny.