Sunday, November 27, 2011

Celebrity Crushes - 5th Edition

Pej Vahdat (fell in love with him on Bones)

Christian Coulson (aka: Tom Riddle)

Bruno Mars

Brendan Hines
(Fell in love with him on Lie to Me)

Vincent D'Onofrio
(Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

Jeff Goldbloom
(I take a lot of flack for this one but look at those lips)

Wayne Brady
(and here's where the comedy run begins)

Jason Sudeikis

Will Forte


Skye said...

You gotta love Bruno Mars, he's so talented. And I do love the cast of SNL. My #1 crush remains Robert Downey Jr.

lauren brimley said...

What the? That's Tom Riddle??

Nicole and Garrett said...

Tom Riddle--no!!!