Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween Day

Jonah got to wear his dragon costume to preschool.  His class did a little parade for the parents (& younger sibs) and then sang us three songs.  It was adorable!
Nora, Jonah, & Vivian

The whole class

Brandon didn't have any appointments after 1:00pm so we all ate lunch together and took naps.  After that we headed down to Hee Haw Farms:)

Shooting corn cobs out of air cannon/rifles

Hay Ride

Corn Maze

After Hee Haw we went to Papa and Grammy's house for dinner and saw Andy & Trey.

 Then we went trick-or-treating with "cousin" Ian around the huge houses in the neighborhood.
Trick-or-Treating with Bobby and Ian (and Emily & Alan)

Sheik Papa, Cleopatra Grammy, and Emperor Cody

Watched an old horror movie with Alan & Linda and then stayed the night at their house so we could hit the half price Halloween sale the next day and run a couple errands while we were "in town."
Lovely trick-or-treat weather and then woke up to snow the next morning.
Great Halloween!


Lacey said...

wonderfully cute photos!

Robin said...

That Hee Haw place looks awesome!