Monday, February 28, 2011


Ever wonder why stay-at-home moms seem to have a short temper?

In my case sometimes it is because I got home from work at 1:00am and then woke up to a child crying from growing pains at 3am and then woke up at 5am because the other kid had wet his bed and I had to change the sheets.  At 5:45 am the other child wakes up with a nightmare and needs warm milk or snuggling for 15 mins. to fall back asleep.  At 7:00 the kids are up for the day and I'm feeling haggard and testy.  (I feel even more snappy if I try to go to bed at 10:30 pm that night and my husband says, "Are you really going to bed this early?!" or I have to work till after midnight again that evening).

Sometimes it is because you've told the kids to be nice to the cat more times than you can count and yet I hear the cat cry or hiss when a child pulls his tail or lays down on him.

Sometimes it is because I have a conversation with my husband that goes like this:
Me: Honey, will you please load this plate in the dishwasher instead of placing it over the disposal so I can't run my food down the sink?!
Him: Why don't you just do it?  It would only take you a few seconds.
Me: Why don't you just clean up all the stupid messes I make?!  It would also only take you a couple seconds to do!
Him: I'm really sick of you complaining about this same thing for the last 13 years!  Why don't you just quit complaining all the time?!
Me: Believe me, no one is more sick of this conversation than me.

Sometimes I get grumpy because Jonah lays on the floor and cries and tells me, "I can't walk!!" when he doesn't feel like doing something.  Or because some days he says "no" to absolutely everything I say to him.

Sometimes it's because I have a sinus infection and I try to take a nap, only to be awoken by Jonah every 10 minutes until I finally get 15 solid minutes when I  am awoken by Elora who has taken her hour and a half nap when all I've managed are three five minute naps and one 15 minute nap and I'm still tired and sick.

Sometimes I feel like I've accomplished next to nothing in a day but the fact is that dressing myself and two other small people and feeding us three meals a day, keeping the kitchen relatively tidy, sweeping the floor, and doing one load of laundry is a lot more taxing than it sounds like.  The amount of crying and whining and "I don't love you"s I listen to in the course of one day is sometimes takes quit a toll on me.

Fortunately I have two healthy, beautiful, mostly sweet children.  The joys far outweigh the frustrations, but there are days...

Good stories from today:

Me: I love this song (the Temptations My Girl).
Jonah: Me too, it's a happy song.

We went to the Rec Center today to play and ride bikes for 45 minutes.  We all really enjoyed it.  Elora can almost dribble and can certainly kick.  I know everyone thinks their kids are advanced, but seriously, that girl can talk as well as some 8 year olds AND has great fine motor skills (can draw cute little people) and large motor skills (bike riding, kicking a ball).

Jonah was having SO much fun with the cd player today.  He put in Black-Eyed Peas, Christmas songs, and then White Zombie (which he called an "angry song" but he seemed to really enjoy for a few minutes).

After nearly anything I say to Elora today, she begins her response with "But..."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conversations Today

Jonah: I wanna throw away this bag.

Brandon: Why?  You're going to want to put your rocks back in there when you're done playing with them.

Jonah: I'm never gonna be done playing with them.  I'm going to play with them forever!
Jonah to me: Hey Sweetheart!  I like to call you my sweetheart.
Jonah to his dad, Brandon, while Jonah had friends over at the house: Hey Brandie!
Jonah to Elora: Thanks, Sister!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rest of Sundance

I know it's been two weeks since Sundance ended so this is kind of anti-climatic.  I saw a lot of celebs, mostly while I was working so I couldn't take any pictures.  I showed Zoey Deschanel and Demi Moore to the ladies' room on the same evening, I served Katie Holmes and Ray Liotta and a child star whose name I never did figure out.  I saw Patrick Wilson (told him I loved him in Watchmen), Greg Kinnear, Tobey McGuire, Dennis Haysberg, and many others who I recognized but didn't know their names.

The only film I went and saw was My Idiot Brother with my SIL Andy.  It had an all-star cast.  The movie was fun but pretty mainstream and average, especially for a Sundance film.
Paul Rudd, ___, ___, ___, Hugh Dancy, Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer, Zoey Deschanel, and Elizabeth Banks.

I'm a fan of all those listed but only ONE came over to the handful of fans waiting out back to meet them.
Thank you to Paul Rudd, who at least made a half-ass attempt to please his fans.  I saw him another time when he also would not stop for a photo with me.

Here's an ugly picture of me with Anton Yelchin (aka: Chekov from the new Star Trek) who I ran into three times over the course of the week.

Took this random picture of Ray Liotta for some unknown reason.

The handsome and gracious Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl.

The awesome Kevin Spacey (who spent the most time with fans)!

My amazing date Arianna and I frozen to the bone!
(I had three hours of sleep the night before this and am in my work clothes after working a nine-hour shift at my day job.)

I'd seen the incredibly handsome Simon Baker the night before when serving him cookies at a cocktail party.  I was totally starstruck and gasped aloud.  He didn't hear me over the loud music so I just mouthed, "I'm a huge fan", which I doubt he understood.  I'm a big fan of the tv show he stars in, The Mentalist (and also liked him in The Devil Wears Prada).  When I saw him again, I was determined to get a photo with him (even if it isn't a very good one).  When he headed for his car saying he was very thirsty and needed a drink, Ari and I both shouted out to him and I got his attention asking if he was heading back to where I'd seen him the night before.  He said, "I can't tell you that!" so I told him he could appease me by taking a photo with me:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This little girl is obsessed with lipstick.  Obsessed.  I think it occupies her mind most of the day.  Lipstick, lipgloss, gum, and my phone.

Monday, February 07, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend, Jen, got married yesterday in San Diego.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, Momzie!

Here's my mom with each of my kids, she is a great Nana.  Her birthday was yesterday.  Isn't she beautiful?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Zachary Quinto!

I had one goal for Sundance this year, to get a photo with Zachary Quinto.  Success!
It wasn't easy or warm, but I did it.  I also met Jonathan Groff (pictured below with Lea Michele) in the process:)

P.S. - I felt, for several reasons, I needed to delete my previous post about Zach and our meeting.  I have never had strangers comment on my blog before.  I often forget that whatever I write on here is really out there for anyone to read because I essentially write this blog solely for my sisters who live out-of-state from me.  I'm sorry if I offended anyone.  I'd love to tell every detail of my meeting with Zach as it was interesting on a number of levels, but I feel I can only do that if my blog were private.  Perhaps I can tell you more of my meetings with celebs during Sundance on my next Sundance blog (later this week) without things getting all political or anything as I am entitled to my own opinions and allowed to share them. But part of what I shared earlier may have been inconsiderate to publish.