Thursday, April 26, 2007

100th Post

I can't post my pictures from AZ until I do "100 Things About Me" (according to Tori). Here goes:
#100 - I was born in Mesa, AZ.
99 - I am the third of nine children.
98- As a young child, I loved catching butterflies, sometimes I took them home as "pets". A lady who lived between my home and my elementary school called me the Butterfly Girl cause I'd catch them in her yard a lot.
97 - I lived in one or two homes when I was very young, but the first one I remember was on June Street and had a huge eucalyptus tree in the front yard that I liked to climb.
96- My next door neighbors in that house were named Elsa and Biagio and were from Italy. They loved me. Elsa always had a pot of spagetti sauce cooking on the stove, filling the house with its heavenly aroma. I could write a lot about them.
95- I once tried to pick a prickly pear fruit from a cactus. I couldn't tell that the fruit also had tiny thorns on it. I was so embarrassed about getting thorns in my fingers that I lied and said that I fell off my bike and my hand landed on a cactus when I went to catch myself.
94- I met my lifelong friend Annie in elementary school in AZ. We were in the same third grade class, she had pretty handwriting.
93- I met my lifelong friend, Autumn, shortly after birth. We introduced our sons to each other last week.
92- I found a journal I kept in elementary school at my parent's house last week. It is very funny. I mostly wrote about what gifts I received for Christmas and birthdays.
91- I love picking out gifts for people. One of my greatest joys in life is having someone say I got them a present they really love.
90- I also LOVE being complimented on my cooking. It's not that I'm fantastic or anything, I just love food and eating and I want to be good.
89- I went to MacArthur Elementary school for K-4.
88- In 5th grade a new elementary opened named Ishikawa and my family opted to transfer there.
87- At the end of 5th grade we moved to California.
86- Our family really struggled with money those years in CA. My mom got me LA Gear shoes in 6th grade cause she sensed how important it was to me to have that name brand that year. I wore them with two pairs of scrunched socks like everyone else did that year (1989).
85- In 6th grade I met my lifelong friend, Lisa. We talk on the phone every month.
84- In 8th grade I had two guys ask me out the same week. Even though I kind of liked both of them I was too scared to "go out" with them cause I knew they wanted to french kiss (grossly referred to as "deep throating" by our friends) me and I didn't know how to do it and I didn't want to be embarrassed.
83- In October of 1991 (early in 8th grade) my dad was laid off and my family moved to Utah so my mom could live by her sister and so we could be near more Mormons.
82- Oh yeah, I am a devout member of the Mormon faith. Our church is not actually called the Mormon church though, we are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what a mouthful.
81- While still in AZ my family took vacations to Rocky Point, Mexico every Spring Break. The town's real name is Puerto Penasco and though it was just a tiny desert town back then, it is now a major tourist destination. It's only real allure (at least to me) is great, cheap food and awesome tide pools.
80- Other childhood vacations were to California (beaches, Universal Studios, and Disneyland), Christopher Creek, and Showlow (both mountain towns in AZ with cool weather, fishing, etc.).
79- I LOVE Disneyland. To me it truly is The Happiest Place on Earth. People who don't love it usually haven't been on a weekday in fall or winter when there were no crowds.
78- People who don't like cats haven't met my cat, Rusty. I love cats.
77- I like going to zoos.
76- My first job was in elementary school selling stationary (etc.) door to door. I was an official member of the Olympic Sales Club (I think I still have the card). I've always liked having my own money and I've always been good at sales.
75- Ninth grade was the peak of my social existence. Kinda sad, but great memories.
74- I was in ELP (Extended Learning Program) in elementary school. It was for the "gifted" kids and I absolutely loved it.
73- I always regretted that when I moved to UT during 8th grade I got put in "regular" math even though I'd been in "advanced" math in CA (they hadn't gotten my records yet) and I've been kind of bored with math ever since and I felt like a loser among my smart friends.
72- In 9th grade I joined the school newspaper staff. I wrote for school newspapers every year until I graduated college.
71- I took French in high school because I thought I might want to major in fashion merchandising in college and I'd need french for all my trips to Paris.
70- I've never been to Paris.
69- I ran track in 9th grade but we didn't have a real track and I was always hurting my ankles so I never ran or jumped in a meet.
68- Joined the track team my senior year in high school again, but dropped out cause I hated all the running in practices. I just wanted to sprint and jump. Bad move. (Why didn't I do track my sophmore and junior years? Too busy being a social butterfly I suppose).
67- My first kiss was with Dan Neeway when I was 15. We are still friends.
66- Went on my first date (to a Homecoming dance) at 16 with Kris Howard. He later introduced me to the guy I would marry.
65- I'm pretty sure I went to every school and church dance available from age 14 to 19.
64- I taught country line dancing at schools and churches during high school after my friends and I taught it to ourselves with a video (Napoleon Dynamite style) and at Wheeler Farm.
63- I was the V.P. of my school's K.E.Y. club (a service organization) my junior year.
62- My first "real" job was at ShopKo (like a K-mart) at age 16, working as a cashier for the busy Christmas season.
61- I think my first paid babysitting job was at age 10. I had 3 or 4 younger siblings at that time.
60- My first concert was Reba McEntire. I was a big country music fan in high school.
59- I've seen Billy Joel in concert twice. I have been a fan of his as long as I can remember.
58- My earliest memory is dancing around my sister's Spiderman record player to Barry Manilow music.
57- I met my best friend, Jen, in 8th grade history, Mrs. Henroid's class. She is coming out to meet Jonah on Monday.
56- I found a list of possible baby names in a notebook from 1998. "Jonah" is on there, though I don't remember liking it that long ago.
55- Brandon and I dated on again, off again, for 2 1/2 years before getting married.
54- I was married the Wednesday before Thanksgiving during my sophmore year in college at age 19.
53- I went to college at The University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, UofU again, Brigham Young University- Hawaii, and took my final Spanish class (4 years after my BYU-H graduation) at University of Central Oklahoma.
52- My Bachelor of Arts degree is from BYU-H in International Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Communications and a minor in Theatre.
51- I love going to plays.
50- I love performing, though nothing makes me so nervous and I don't know if I'm any good.

I will save the rest for tomorrow.


Tori :) said...

I'm glad you followed my advice. I didn't want to have to send the Blog Cops... :)
I like how you remember all your 1st kisses, etc... So do I. But I know some people don't.

stephanie said...

yay! i feel like i know so much more about you now.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I loved that post! I am working on my 100 things about me, and now I feel like mine is boring haha.