Friday, January 30, 2009

Poor Babies!

Jonah has the croup.
Elora probably has fifth disease.
My poor babies! I'm sitting here fretting over Jonah.
I know I've been blog crazy lately, but I have a lot to say, even if it's just to myself.
Today for the first time, Jonah said, "love you" back to me when I said, "I love you" to him, without anyone telling him to. It was wonderful.
It is also wonderful that he wants to sing now. He will join in on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and You are my Sunshine, which he calls Happy.

Next Week's Menu

So, for February I am going to try:
Crockpot Sundays
Meatless Mondays
Carnivore Tuesdays
Poultry Wednesdays
Leftover Thursdays
Fish/Seafood Fridays
Soup Saturdays

This week's menu is:
(Superbowl) Sun. - Chili
Mon. - dhal bhat (that's what these pictures are)
Tues. - spagetti with meatballs
Wed. - tanadoori chicken
Thurs. - leftovers
Fri. - Broiled Parmesean White Fish (Thank you Janette for this new recipe to try)
Sat. - Rosemary Mushroom Soup (Thanks Sheryl for the new recipe)

Shaving Cream Fun

Sick of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and play dough? Here's another medium to try. We used to do this with my preschool kids and my friend Janette reminded me of it recently. I was worried Jonah might be too young for it (he only had one little taste) but I think we'll be doing this again soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My friend was telling me the other day that she hates to cook. I don't relate but I understand. Then she said something to the effect that it's not the cooking she hates really, it's the planning, the deciding what to make, etc. She asked me what we have for dinner regularly at our house.

My Family Staples
.Taco Rice
.Unstuffed Stuffed Peppers
These are all about 50% white rice (I know I should switch to brown rice but it just doesn't taste right in these meals. Plus, how can millions of thin Asians be wrong?!)

Other regulars:
.turkey meatloaf (forget everything you think about meatloaf, mine is the best)
.pork chops (one good recipe)
.burritos (several varieties)
.dinner in a pumpkin
.Waikiki meatballs (I think they're the same as these)
.pesto pasta
.asian wraps (recipe)

Regulars that I haven't done in awhile:
.garlic shrimp

Regulars that I don't do as often as I'd like (aka: time or labor intensive):
.dhal bhat (the staple meal of Nepal and possibly my favorite food)
.momos (Tibetan dumplings like Chinese potstickers, only more delicious)

If Brandon cooks (about once a month):
.creamed peas and tuna on toast
.breakfast hash
.BLT sandwiches

There are probably at least a dozen others that I've made so much I don't need a recipe.

Anyway, I am attempting to make a meal plan for the entire month of February rather than my usual one-week plan or my cooking spontaneously with no plan at all. I want to take less trips to the grocery store!
Please email me with any turkey, crockpot, fish, soup, seafood, and vegetarian recipes you would like to share. Thank you! I'm especially in search of a great crockpot lasagna recipe I tried once.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elora Today

These days you can almost always coax a smile out of her.

She really knows how to accessorize.

She appreciates a good story.

Why Jonah Makes Me Laugh SO Much...

(and this is all just stuff from January)

He likes keys.

Sliding is more fun when done with a friend, such as your stuffed moose.

Heaven forbid you should try to let Elora be in a picture with him.

Farts feel funny.

If left alone in his room playing, I could come back to find this.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Sometimes you cry out when your tummy hurts... try leaning to one side to help get the poop out...

... this seems to be the most effective way to force out anything in your intestines.

Jonah saw his mean mother laughing and laughing at his sister's discomfort and did a perfect imitation of her.


If you're not feeling well and you have a fever, Elora recommends Tylenol, nudity, a cool glass of water, and a video.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final Sundance Film

I got to go to my first and last Sundance movie with my handsome hubby. We saw the opening film on the first night of the festival and our last movie was another worldwide premier but didn't show until two days before the end of the festival. I thought seeing four movies spread out over eight days was perfect. All of the films were really good. I only had to get a babysitter twice and got to go out with girlfriends twice in one week. It's been a really good Sundance experience for me.
Last night's movie was called Moon. It was a great sci-fi film starring the incredibly talented Sam Rockwell. It got a buyer so should be out in theaters in the near future (congrats to its very young director). It will be rated R if they don't cut out the F-word about 10 times.
I actually did my hair for once, my makeup looked good, and I really wanted to get my picture taken with Sam Rockwell. After we got our seats I left Brandon and went to buy a water and to hover near the star seating. The first celebrity I saw was Fisher Stevens, who has been in lots of tv shows and several movies but whose name I was completely unaware of. I smiled at him but got no smile in response and because I didn't know his name I decided I was unworthy of a picture with him.
I thought I spied Don S. Davis (whose name I also didn't know but do now thanks to the internet), another tv star, but I'm not sure.
I saw David Bowie, which was pretty cool.
I got close enough to tap Rockwell on the shoulder but didn't because he had just started talking to a woman I recognised but couldn't place who was sitting next to Bowie and I didn't want to be rude and interrupt him. I was then tapped on the shoulder and told I needed to move because I was in a restricted area.
Nearly bumped into Stevens, who still looked gruff, as the lights went down and I returned to my seat.
The woman Rockwell had been talking to turned out to be Trudie Styler, the movie's producer. I recognised her from a Friends episode where Pheobe attempts to stalk Sting. Oh yeah, she is Sting's wife, who she was sitting right next to but who I didn't recognise cause he looked like this (pictured here with Bacon & Rockwell from an event earlier this week):

(disclaimer: I did not see Kevin Bacon)
I was about to wet my pants after the Q & A session with the filmmakers and ran to the bathroom during which time I apparently missed all the stars hanging out in back doing pictures with fans. Doh!
Brandon could not wrap his brain around why I want to have my picture taken with celebrities when I don't seem starstruck. I explained that I like to do things that not everybody gets to do and I like to have pictures of me doing it. Everybody "knows" these people but not many people get to meet them. It's not that I think they are so different from you or me I just want proof that I saw them. It's not that you wouldn't believe I saw them if I didn't have a picture, I just want a picture. Okay?!!
And even though we weren't near anything that said 'Sundance' anymore, I had to have someone snap this picture of B and I in the dark, near our car, even though you can't tell I was looking hot.

Right before this picture was taken Brandon said to the stranger taking it, "What is it with girls and pictures?"
To which I said to Brandon, "Just smile or you're not gettin' any."

Frog, Frog, Monkey, Frog, Frog

Last year I bought a calendar of beautiful frog photographs. Originally I did not intend to use it but to choose the best pictures, frame them, and put them up in Jonahs's room. But I never got around to buying another calendar for the dining room and ended up using that one all year. Having written all over the backs of the photos they were in no shape for being framed anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. So instead I just stuck them up all over Jonah's room in a rock star poster kind of way and though it isn't classy-looking, I absolutely love it, so does Jonah.

The pictures on the ribbon higher up on the wall are Jonah's darling alphabet cards that Aunt Andy gave him when he was born (or before).

Every day at least once he points out all the frogs on his wall to me. "Frog, frog, frog, frog..." When he gets to this one he says, "monkey"

you can see why.

Speaking of calendars, I always buy mine in January at the mall or Barnes and Noble for half price. I always like several and have a hard time choosing which one(s) to buy as there are so many cool ones. This year I went to buy one a couple weeks ago at Barnes and Noble and found they had about 20 left in only about five styles and all were so unacceptable that I find myself using a wildlife calendar that Brandon brought home from work with his partner's dental office information on it. What in the world?

Fun with Food

A few days ago Jonah held up his breadcrust and said, "moon." As you can clearly see, he was right, it does look like a moon.

Today Jonah lined up all his pieces of french toast and said, "train." Clearly, he is quite clever. He is pictured here saying "choo choo."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eight Months Old

Yesterday Elora turned eight months old.
She is such a petite, feminine, little angel. I think she is going to be quite an athelete. She crawls so well and can stand up holding onto anything, even just the wall. When she wants to sit back down she lets go, stands for just a second, and then falls into a sitting position and is immediately off crawling again.
I love the big grin she does all the time lately. She is a happy baby, unless she's hungry. When she's hungry she wants food immediately.
As of this week, Elora sleeps 12 hours uninterrupted at night. She takes two shortish naps during the day.

This is Elora after being uprighted when she plunged headfirst into Jonah's toybox.

Here's our gal playing at her Leapfrog learning table. Jonah says she is "nekkiT" here.

I smile everytime I lay eyes on you. I could stare at you and kiss and squeeze you all day long. You are so beautiful and sweet-tempered and strong. I love you with all my might.
Your mama

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deja Vu

Sept. 2007 - Jonah at 8 months old

Jan. 2009 - Elora at 7 months old

Sundance Movie 3

Though Billy Bob Thornton's makeup looked better than mine last night, that did not keep me from enjoying the film. And though I was unable to get a shot of me with Kyle MacLachlan because he was on the phone and then talking to someone when I saw him, I did snap a couple photos of him while I was upclose without interupting him, which was probably almost as rude.
Anyway, last night's film was called Manure, and it was a load of crap. Just kidding, it was really funny and full of silly puns like that about poop. Great cast, acting, good writing, fairly lame plot, and a little bit slow, but overall very enjoyable and quirky. 3 1/2 or 4 stars. Anyone who loves ridiculously silly humor, bathroom jokes, and great visuals will be amused.
It was produced and directed by the twin Polish (last name, not necessarily ethnicity) brothers. One of them also played "shit for brains" Thaddeous in the movie. The cast also included Jon Gries (Napoleon's Uncle Ricco), Tea Leoni, and Ed Helms (Andy Bernard from The Office).
I went with my friend Sheryl and my sister-in-law Andy. We had a ball.

That's More Like It

But I would have much rather had my picture taken with this guy:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Celebrity Appearances

Starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne. Also featuring Peter Gallagher, Frankie Faison, and Amy Irving.

Saw my second Sundance movie today. It was called Adam, it was great, and unbelievably, it was also about a man with Aspergers. It was a drama, with a good script, incredible acting, and an interesting story. Strangely, Mary & Max, the claymation movie, was more realistic in many ways. I'd give Adam 3 1/2 stars and M&M 4 1/2. All the actors listed above were in attendance, as well as the writer/director. There was a very good short that played first as well. Too far away for good photos of the talent and didn't see anyone really close up. Had a great time with my friend Janette, who only decided to go with me on Saturday. Both Katrina and Rochelle who were originally going with me didn't make it. Lunch afterwards at El Chubasco with it's salsa bar which had about a dozen different salsas to try and some delicious, authentic, reasonably priced Mexican food.