Friday, January 30, 2009

Next Week's Menu

So, for February I am going to try:
Crockpot Sundays
Meatless Mondays
Carnivore Tuesdays
Poultry Wednesdays
Leftover Thursdays
Fish/Seafood Fridays
Soup Saturdays

This week's menu is:
(Superbowl) Sun. - Chili
Mon. - dhal bhat (that's what these pictures are)
Tues. - spagetti with meatballs
Wed. - tanadoori chicken
Thurs. - leftovers
Fri. - Broiled Parmesean White Fish (Thank you Janette for this new recipe to try)
Sat. - Rosemary Mushroom Soup (Thanks Sheryl for the new recipe)


Andy said...

Holy cow you have a lot of posts lately. Jonah and Elora pictures were awesome. She is getting so big. Happy Birthday to Jonah tomorrow.

Lauren said...

Everything sounds so ethnic. How adventurous!

I am very impressed with your monthly planning idea!

Lauren said...

Oh! And you are lucky you got to dream about Movie Edward last night. I think I dreamed about donuts. I hate donuts.

Klin said...

Tandoori chicken. Is that from India? It sounds like a dish I have eaten at the India Palace.

Sheryl said...

I guess I'll see you on Monday then? Sounds yummy! Now you'll have to try your hand at Naan! :)