Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Rest

49- Yesterday when I went to get a haircut, while my stylist was washing my hair she said, "I see your going thru the post-pregnancy shedding period." Yup, I'm losing hair.
48- I got a clogged milk duct yesterday - ouch.
47- Brandon and I spent almost 3 months of 1998 in Nepal.
46- I've loved curries ever since; Nepali, Indian, Thai, Japanese...
45- I don't eat to live, I live to eat.
44- We're going to the downtown Arts Festival this afternoon (there's great food there).
43- I failed a test once, a Spanish final, for a correspondence course I took, I had to retake the whole class. Oh, wait, I failed that final twice. Then retook the class at a different school. The only other correspondence course I ever took was also kind of a disaster.
42- Last week I fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans:)
41- Despite its hardships, I love nursing.
40- Brandon and I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for our first two years of marraige.
39- We spent the next 3.5 years living in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.
38- I tried surfing once.
37- I am SCUBA certified.
36- I love hiking.
35- I love fruit.
34- We have lived here in Oklahoma for 4 years.
33- I have picked and eaten guava (delicious) and passionfruit, but have never seen them for sale.
32- I didn't know rhubarb existed until I found it growing in our backyard in Sandy, UT.
31- I'm the only person I know who doesn't love chocolate dipped strawberries. I like them with white chocolate.
30- I wish I was fluent in Spanish.
29 - I want to learn to sew better.
28- I regret not playing sports more in my youth.
27- I also wish I'd played more video games cause my hand-eye coordination pretty much sucks.
26- Despite being a rather blunt person, I always try never to hurt people's feelings.
25- I'm not really into Valentines or anniversaries. Flowers from the grocery store are good enough for me.
24- I want to visit the Italian riviera more than almost anywhere.
23 - I would love to go back to Nepal someday.
22 - I love warm rain.
21 - I love Arizona.
20 - I love the mountains.
19 - I can slolem ski but cannot waterski on two skis.
18 - It took me forever to learn to get up on a ski.
17 - I've tried snowskiing and snowboarding once each.
16 - The only thing I've ever broken was my pinky. It happened iceblocking at my awesome 14th birthday party.
15- I've never smoked anything except for an attempt to smoke grass clippings when I was about 10.
14 - The most alcohol I've ever had to drink was about half a glass of white wine when I was 18. Nobody knew about it at the time.
13 - I love to read.
12 - I've seen more British shows than any American I know.
11 - My bathroom is decorated in a pirate theme. It's the best decorated room in the whole apartment and it's not that spectacular.
10 - I invented modern scrapbooking. In 1993, before scrapbooking stores existed, I started a photo album with themed pages. I claim the idea.
9 - My superhero name is List Lady. Brandon's is Innuendo Man and we have friends called Empty Threat Woman, Chica Chocolat, and Analogy Girl. You may petition for your own if you'd like.
8 - Blueberry muffins and salsa are two of my favorite foods.
7 - I know how to gut a fish and bait my own hook, but I haven't been fishing in years.
6 - I had braces and jaw surgury when I was 20.
5 - I hate buying jeans and swimming suits.
4 - I love to sing but I don't know if I like my voice.
3 - I hate my profile and so does everyone else I've mentioned it to.
2 - I'm glad I'm about done writing this.
1- hmmm... I love the smell of lilacs, plumeria, roses, babies, garlic, cumin, ginger, my husband, etc. I have the "Menefee" nose (and an "Aggie" toe).


Tori :) said...

Yay for the 2nd half!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I don't really like chocolate dipped strawberries...I love the white chocolate too.

Unknown said...

SAME: I've tried surfing once, I'm SCUBA certified, I love warm rain and Arizona, and I hate my profile.

Macey said...

It was fun reading about you-you have been some fun places!

Robin said...

I had so much fun reading your 100 things! You are pretty cool.