Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where Has This Month Gone?

Back to my gratitude list.  One thing for each day.

5- I am grateful for Tropicana Orange Tangerine juice which transports me from a cold day in Utah to a sunny day in Arizona in my grandparent's backyard with each sip.

6- Kleenex Lotion Tissue.  I know using tissues instead of handkerchiefs is wasteful, but my nose is grateful and so is my already tall stack of dirty laundry.

7- Kids that are in bed by 8:00pm when we are all sick.

8- My Grandma Donna, who my kids refer to as "Grammy Donnie".  She is very sick right now and I pray multiple times a day for her comfort.
(Grandma and I this summer)

9- My friend Autumn.  Our moms met when her mom was pregnant with her, so I've literally known her since birth.  It is her birthday today.  She is one of those friends who I can go a whole year without seeing and still tell her everything when I do.
(Autumn with her hubby Bryan and son Brayden)

10- Girls' Night Out is tomorrow.  Jen and I are going to see a movie.  I think it's just going to be the two of us and that's alright with me.  Maybe we'll do dinner before or dessert after.

11- I'm grateful that Janette & RoyAl and their four beautiful kids were able to come over and spend the day with us on Saturday.  We met them in Hawaii when we were all without kids and though they only live an hour away we don't see them often.
(Subway sandwiches for lunch on Sat. with Laura and the twins)

12- To be able to be the teacher of Jonah's joyschool preschool this week.

13- For a warm, comfortable home.

14- Unlimited long distance phone calls.

15- The internet (which I am trying to limit to approx 30 mins a day now).

16- The Bible.

17- The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ (aka: The LDS Church).

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Somewhere between Washington, CT and Kent, CT.
I'd nearly forgotten how much I love New England.  It probably helps that I've only seen it in fall:)
The leaves were in high color and on most roads the trees are so thick that you can't see the next street over.

Looking down

Bull's Bridge.  Kent, CT.

Bull's Bridge has been in place since 1842.

Lisa's fiancée, Matt, picking us some produce out of their garden.

Their LOTR tree

Lunch with five Italian women in North Salem, NY.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with Lisa's family while I was in town.

You can see a lake from Lisa's backyard.

An afternoon in Manhattan began with lunch at Matt's favorite restaurant, Grammercy Tavern.
Lisa's mushroom lasagna was the best dish we tried.  The cheese sampler appetizer was great too.
The owner of the restaurant, Danny Meyer, stopped in while we were there and he is a bit of a celebrity among chefs and New Yorkers (Matt is both) so I took their picture with him.
Next we walked over to Union Square to check out the farmer's market.

Last stop in NYC was Momofuku, their favorite spot for dessert.  I tasted the "cereal milk" soft serve ice-cream and several delicious cookies (compost, blueberry muffin, and corn).  This is where they will be ordering a wedding cake of "crack pie" from in the future.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


November it the month for giving thanks for all of our bounteous blessings.  I have seen a lot of people doing daily thankful posts on their blogs or their Facebook status updates so I am stealing the idea but not willing to commit to a daily post, I will just do a few days at a time.

1st- I am grateful for the miraculous human body.  It amazes me.  It's ability to heal, the way it all works together, everything.  I am awed by the wonder of re-creation and delighted by the movements of a baby inside his mother.  Even as I see poison oak taking a dramatic toll on my husband's body and cancer poisoning my sister and grandmother, I am still amazed.

2nd- I am thankful for my sister Karen.  She called me yesterday and we spent an hour talking on the phone.  I was only vaguely aware of her existence until she was about 16 when I suddenly decided that I really liked her.  In the past couple years we have become really good friends.  She is smart and sassy and funny and fun and so easy to talk to.

3rd- good books.  Seriously, I love reading and I had so much fun going through my 'to read' list on this week to pick out suggestions for my bookclub's 2011 list:)

4th - I am grateful for this man:

who spent today cleaning up camping gear, cleaning out the garage, and just being very productive on his day off.  He is the best dad as well and I'm just so lucky to have him!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


It's been a hellava day, so to brighten my evening I've been browsing Goodreads for ideas for next year's bookclub books.  And now to brighten up your evening (or whenever you happen to be reading this), here's the lowdown on our Halloween:
Saturday was really rainy and in Utah when Halloween falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated the day before.
We drove almost an hour in the driving, pouring rain to get to our friend's house in Salt Lake (Midvale actually) just as it cleared up down there:)
Picked up Kathy, Bryson (aka: Optimus Prime),

Alex, and Bailey,

And these kids were ready to Trick or Treat!

We collected treats down the block, all the way to "Auntie" Jen's house.

Saw "Uncle" Steve and his daughter Railey too:)
Headed over to Papa and Grammy's house for football, dinner, and a sleepover.

Once the kids were asleep, Brandon and I skipped out and picked up Jen, her fiancee Steve, her brother Devin, and his friend Tracy to go to a party.
Cole and I

Cole is known for his flamboyant Halloween parties and this year was no exception.
Me, Jen, and Steve people watching

We had fun taking in the outlandish costumes, talking, and dancing and got to sleep in the next morning:)