Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where Has This Month Gone?

Back to my gratitude list.  One thing for each day.

5- I am grateful for Tropicana Orange Tangerine juice which transports me from a cold day in Utah to a sunny day in Arizona in my grandparent's backyard with each sip.

6- Kleenex Lotion Tissue.  I know using tissues instead of handkerchiefs is wasteful, but my nose is grateful and so is my already tall stack of dirty laundry.

7- Kids that are in bed by 8:00pm when we are all sick.

8- My Grandma Donna, who my kids refer to as "Grammy Donnie".  She is very sick right now and I pray multiple times a day for her comfort.
(Grandma and I this summer)

9- My friend Autumn.  Our moms met when her mom was pregnant with her, so I've literally known her since birth.  It is her birthday today.  She is one of those friends who I can go a whole year without seeing and still tell her everything when I do.
(Autumn with her hubby Bryan and son Brayden)

10- Girls' Night Out is tomorrow.  Jen and I are going to see a movie.  I think it's just going to be the two of us and that's alright with me.  Maybe we'll do dinner before or dessert after.

11- I'm grateful that Janette & RoyAl and their four beautiful kids were able to come over and spend the day with us on Saturday.  We met them in Hawaii when we were all without kids and though they only live an hour away we don't see them often.
(Subway sandwiches for lunch on Sat. with Laura and the twins)

12- To be able to be the teacher of Jonah's joyschool preschool this week.

13- For a warm, comfortable home.

14- Unlimited long distance phone calls.

15- The internet (which I am trying to limit to approx 30 mins a day now).

16- The Bible.

17- The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ (aka: The LDS Church).


Janette said...

Thanks Emily! I'm so thankful for you too! We had the best time on Saturday!!! Today I made a Frittata for breakfast with some of the fresh eggs you gave us. Yum. RoyAl & I have always admired how you & Brandon have so much vitality for life. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!! Hope you're feeling better soon. XOXO

amy j. said...

Hello Lauren's SIL! Your comment made me literally laugh out loud, haha! Her BIL (I'm assuming your brother?) passes my height requirement, so you can feel free to add me to the list of single ladies competing for his love! (If a competition is involved you should totally have a baking contest, my cookies rock.)

Lacey said...

How is your grandma? Sorry, I was without access to the world for a while. Please give me a ring soon! I miss you.