Tuesday, November 02, 2010


It's been a hellava day, so to brighten my evening I've been browsing Goodreads for ideas for next year's bookclub books.  And now to brighten up your evening (or whenever you happen to be reading this), here's the lowdown on our Halloween:
Saturday was really rainy and in Utah when Halloween falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated the day before.
We drove almost an hour in the driving, pouring rain to get to our friend's house in Salt Lake (Midvale actually) just as it cleared up down there:)
Picked up Kathy, Bryson (aka: Optimus Prime),

Alex, and Bailey,

And these kids were ready to Trick or Treat!

We collected treats down the block, all the way to "Auntie" Jen's house.

Saw "Uncle" Steve and his daughter Railey too:)
Headed over to Papa and Grammy's house for football, dinner, and a sleepover.

Once the kids were asleep, Brandon and I skipped out and picked up Jen, her fiancee Steve, her brother Devin, and his friend Tracy to go to a party.
Cole and I

Cole is known for his flamboyant Halloween parties and this year was no exception.
Me, Jen, and Steve people watching

We had fun taking in the outlandish costumes, talking, and dancing and got to sleep in the next morning:)

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