Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6

Current Celebrity Crushes:

Tyce Diorio, Choreographer

"Legacy" Perez, b-boy Dancer

Favorite dancer this season:

Russell (I also may have a small crush on him). My other favorite was Billy, who left due to medical problems. I think the guys are definitely the stronger dancers this season.

Probably my favorite routine of the season so far:

But I've pretty much LOVED all of Kathryn & Legacy's routines.

Best Looking Contestant Overall:


But rather than give you a full rundown of my thoughts on each of the top 20, I think I'll wait until it's down to the top 10. Just watch!


Lacey said...

I haven't really gotten into the dance shows.

Skye said...

I LOVE this season. Last season I really didn't have any crushes or favorites, but this year I have several, too many to name!

valori said...

Ok...I can't agree with you about Tyce because he is just so damn annoying! But Russel is definitely the best! And Ellenore is adorable!!!