Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls' Nights

Last night was Culinary Club. Rebecca taught us two vegetarian main dishes. One of them I make fairly regularly already and the other one was a quinoa dish that I'm excited to try on my own.
Wednesday night I went down to Salt Lake because my high school friend Sara Jane is in town, selling her watch bracelets at a botique and staying with Jen. Jen and I made chicken enchilladas and then we ate with Sara and Jen's brother Devin as well. It was tons of fun. Then the girl's went out for dessert and did a little late night shopping.
My double girls' nights made me realize that I took pictures at my girls' night out a couple weeks ago but hadn't posted them.
The first weekend in November I went and saw the top 10 (+2) Season 5 So You Think You Can Dance Contestants on their nationwide tour stop in Utah. It was a blast.
We went out to dinner with about 12 ladies and then went to the show where we met up with two more. We couldn't get that many seats together though so here I am with my little bunch who got to sit on the floor.

Me, Debbie, Casey (Rena's daughter), and Rena. Super fun group!

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