Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrity Crushes - 4th Edition

It's time for another edition of Celebrity Crushes.  As you know, these are highly influenced by the shows I'm currently following and often the character the actor plays in the show.  My biggest weakness is for a great smile and my second is for great hair (usually curly or wavy).

Here's something you won't usually see on my crush list, a blond:
Simon Baker
(the full glory of his smile is not captured here, nor is his knowing smirk)
I know he has a weird nose and saggy eyes but the charm and the smile...
I love his character on The Mentalist

Eric Bana, Australian #2
Weird small mouth but still oh so sexy

Cory Monteith
Never had a crush on him while watching Glee until after I had a dream about making out with him

Will Estes
He plays JJ Pryor on American Dreams and he makes me drool

Mark Salling
Hottest on this whole list

Darren Criss

Matthew Morrison
So pretty much I have a crush on the whole cast of Glee

David Boreanaz
He is handsome, but I have a HUGE crush on his character Seely Booth from Bones

And finally, my girl-crush
Cat Deeley
I love her personality, I love that she is gorgeous and can pull off all sorts of outrageous dresses, hairstyles, and makeup, I love that she has small boobs
I look forward each week of So You Think You Can Dance to see what her stylists will do with her

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Michal Sarah said...

Eric Bana..Yum! and Yes Yes Yes Simon Baker. I don't really like blonde either (probably because I am one) But oh my He is so sexy!