Friday, June 27, 2008

Where Are Your Teeth?

Jonah reading Dr. Seuss' The Tooth Book.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HipHopapotomus & Rhymenosaurus

Good for some laughs.

Caught It

For the past week, Elora has been smiling while awake. I'm not sure she's smiling at me yet, but I sure love it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Hobbies

For the past two days Jonah's favorite things to do are:

1- Sit on our laps while we're on the laptop (like he is right now).

2- Climb everything (He just figured out how to get on our kitchen chairs. They are so lightweight we're just waiting for him to knock them over and get a major injury. He also likes pushing them over to things like the kitchen table, the window, etc. and getting into more mischief.)

3- Putting on lotion. (A couple times a day he brings me lotion or points to it and insists on rubbing on himself).

4- Putting chip clips in his hair. (Dad came up with this clever idea and now Jonah keeps bringing them to me to put into his hair like a hairclip.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Current Events

Okay, so without television or a major newspaper and limited time online with a new baby, I am totally out of the loop on current events. I do, however, get the local newspaper here, which only comes out once a week. Normally I just browse over it and read a random article or two. Sometimes that paper actually sits around unread for the entire week until the next one comes. It's pretty pathetic.
I can give you some current movie recommendations though. We hardly ever see movies in the theater but we saw Iron Man a few weeks ago and loved it. We also rented a new release, The Bucket List, and watched it with Jamon and Alisha on Monday night when they stayed over here. All four of us really enjoyed it.
In other news: it cost me $57 to fill up the tank on my little sedan on Saturday. Yep, almost $60 for a tank of gas on a small car! Wowzers.
Well, that's about it. I did make chocolate chip cookies last night (that is how I choose to spend what little me-time I have) and ate them while watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I combined semi-sweet with milk chocolate and it was a big hit. I did the last batch with pecans and those were actually my favorites.
Well, I'm off to the grocery store while both the babies are sleeping.
Big plans for tomorrow: make a few phone calls, clean my bathroom, maybe make jello jigglers. Mostly I just dink around online, entertain Jonah, feed and burp and change and rock Elora. Do you ever feel like your whole life revolves around food? Feeding Jonah three meals a day, planning a healthy and delicious dinner for Brandon and I and now nursing a baby is pretty much all I do. Getting one load of laundry done a day and keeping my kitchen fairly clean are big accomplishments for me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

National Health Care?

I had a long talk with my friend Andy about national health care on Saturday. He gave me a good explaination of why it is a bad idea. I just went to Ty's blog and found a great blog about the same thing. Click here to read it.

PS- BUT, for the record, I think the US Postal Service is doing a fine job.

Just Some Stuff

Elora's only outing had been a trip to Target, but on the 5th of June she began more socializing away from home. First she went to her aunt Katie's high school graduation. Then she went to see her pediatrician the next day. Last Sunday Elora and I went to sacrament meeting and then spent the day hanging out at home with Uncle Adam. On the 10th she acompanied me to book club, where she was the hot topic of conversation since the book hadn't been very popular. Friday our little family took the double stroller on it's first trip walking around our neighborhood with a stop at our lame little park, chatting with neighbors along the way. This Saturday, the 14th was a big social day for both of us. Let's begin with a little background.
Brandon and I lived in Oklahoma City for the four years that he went to dental school. His cousin, Jamon, who is more like a brother to him since they both only have sisters, went to the same school for three of those years. Jamon and his wife Alisha were our best friends there. After eight hours a day with other people, Brandon isn't especially social during the evenings and on weekends. The only other couple we went on dates with and hung out with more than a time or two were Jennifer and Andy. Strangely, I got to see both couples on Saturday.
Andy (a law student running for state representative in OK) and Jennifer are in town for a family reunion. We spent most of the day with them on Saturday. We BBQed and mostly just hung out. They don't have a car here so I drove them to a family member's house about an hour away right near Alisha's parent's house where Jamon and Alisha (and their two kids) are spending most of the summer until he begins his Orthodontic residency in Colorado. I figured out that Alisha's parents live exactly one mile from my uncle Steve and his family, who I don't think I've seen in 8 or 9 years.
So after spending the morning and early afternoon with Jen and Andy. Elora and I stopped in to see Uncle Steve and fam and then to see Jamon and family. Alisha had a baby girl five days after me, so it was really fun to compare!

Second cousins?

Scarlet's toes and feet are even longer and thinner than Elora's.

Alisha holding Scarlet and Elora.

Yesterday Elora slept thru Sunday School. She also slept in the arms of a few happy women during Relief Society while I gave the lesson. I have a friend who has called dibs on holding her next time I teach already:)
Yesterday evening I tried the sauce from this recipe to put over our grilled salmon. It was fantastic!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Astute Abbie

If you like the children's book Goodnight Moon, please visit my cousin's blog for her clever twist on the tale by clicking the link below.

Goodbye Tucson

So Jonah

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's snowing here.

Monday, June 09, 2008

More Jonah

I like to call this one "Mud and a Mohawk".

Jonah has been watching the Little Einstein My First Signs video and can now do the American Sign Language signs for "eat", "more", "sleep", and "milk." What a smarty! He also said, "button" today.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Visitors From Out of State

Nana Colleen

Nana Lisa

Uncle Adam


Elora is 17 days old now. She was sleeping so much I was wondering if she was eating enough. Friday was her two week appointment with her pediatrician. She weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz. now. That's 14 oz. more than she weighed at checkout from the hospital! Apparently she's eating just fine. She has started having a long, fussy wakeful time in the evenings now. My pediatrician reminded me that babies become fussier and fussier from birth to about 8 weeks (right around the time of their first real/social smile, which makes things more bearable) and it peaks there and then begins to decline. I'm glad he reminded me, I remember now.

Here is Elora sound asleep in the bath. She slept thru the whole thing, hair washing and everything! She didn't open her eyes til she got out. It must have been exactly body temperature or something.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I know this is totally random but I'm pretty much giddy with delight right now. I ordered a glider/rocker chair for Elora's room on a few minutes ago. Currently I am using the glider that was formerly in Jonah's room. I need it in the nursery but I miss having it to read to Jonah in and he misses having it to rock in. I really needed two. I have searched high and low for a rocker or glider that is white and/or lavendar but to no avail unless I wanted to spend over $400, which I just can't. This is the chair I bought. It's white and "pearl" and I think it will still look good in Elora's white, lavendar, and green bedroom. I got it for under $200 including shipping AND the ottoman (and I didn't have to drive anywhere to pick it up). I've been looking online and in stores for over two months and I am very happy:)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

16 Months Old

My little boy turned 16 months old yesterday. He is, if possible, even funnier and more entertaining than his dad. Today after a mighty feat of strength (climbing onto the coffee table), he demonstrated his agility further by performing the dangerous stunt of an on-table "headstand."
Jo does most animal noises on demand now and can also point out most body parts. He loves the song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and often walks around patting himself on the head saying, "head" in his darling little voice. He occassionally spins circles in the middle of the room. For the first time he is interested in shows other than the Baby Einstein dvds.
Jonah still growls a lot and "talks" in his monster voice. His most frustrating behavior is that if you tell him "no" or he gets frustrated in any way (which happens a lot), in addition to very loud screaming, he hits himself in the head or smacks his head into whatever is nearby (table, door, fridge, etc.).
He must be going through a growth spurt because he seems to be eating even more than usual and wants to snack now too. He never seems full and you cannot eat in front of him anymore without sharing a lot of what you have to eat.
Possibly my favorite thing to do is to watch Jonah grab Rusty's tail and then try to keep up with him while being dragged along behind and then after a moment having to let go.

Jonah has taken to doing things lying down fairly regularly now.

The instabruise that welled up on Jo's forehead when he ran towards the door, tripped, and hit his head on the doorframe. This happened about a day after the mystery bruise on his cheek disappeared.

Showing me where Elora's ear is

Jonah rocking himself in the glider chair.

Jonah's "new" favorite toy his old baby swing which we got back out for Elora. Watching him climb into it is entertainment enough. And though he is a couple pounds too big for it, if you saw the happy look on his face while he swings himself in it you wouldn't take him out either. He has had lots of fun the past 10 days with both of his Nanas coming into town and other more visitors than usual stopping by the house.