Sunday, June 01, 2008

16 Months Old

My little boy turned 16 months old yesterday. He is, if possible, even funnier and more entertaining than his dad. Today after a mighty feat of strength (climbing onto the coffee table), he demonstrated his agility further by performing the dangerous stunt of an on-table "headstand."
Jo does most animal noises on demand now and can also point out most body parts. He loves the song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and often walks around patting himself on the head saying, "head" in his darling little voice. He occassionally spins circles in the middle of the room. For the first time he is interested in shows other than the Baby Einstein dvds.
Jonah still growls a lot and "talks" in his monster voice. His most frustrating behavior is that if you tell him "no" or he gets frustrated in any way (which happens a lot), in addition to very loud screaming, he hits himself in the head or smacks his head into whatever is nearby (table, door, fridge, etc.).
He must be going through a growth spurt because he seems to be eating even more than usual and wants to snack now too. He never seems full and you cannot eat in front of him anymore without sharing a lot of what you have to eat.
Possibly my favorite thing to do is to watch Jonah grab Rusty's tail and then try to keep up with him while being dragged along behind and then after a moment having to let go.

Jonah has taken to doing things lying down fairly regularly now.

The instabruise that welled up on Jo's forehead when he ran towards the door, tripped, and hit his head on the doorframe. This happened about a day after the mystery bruise on his cheek disappeared.

Showing me where Elora's ear is

Jonah rocking himself in the glider chair.

Jonah's "new" favorite toy his old baby swing which we got back out for Elora. Watching him climb into it is entertainment enough. And though he is a couple pounds too big for it, if you saw the happy look on his face while he swings himself in it you wouldn't take him out either. He has had lots of fun the past 10 days with both of his Nanas coming into town and other more visitors than usual stopping by the house.


Nancy Face said...

Jonah doesn't look too concerned about his instabruise!

I ♥ the picture of him with Elora! :)

stephanie said...

what a cute big brother!

Robin said...

I love the picture of him lying down and reading! Great update on all his doings, I love hearing about all his cute, funny stuff!

Lorena said...

What a cutie! Is so fun to watch them grow! I love little boys! They are always getting into the most amazing places and it seems their imagination never runs dry!

Kami said...

So cute Em. Hey could you email me your UTAH address I have been wanting to send you something for a bit now. THANKS!