Friday, June 06, 2008


I know this is totally random but I'm pretty much giddy with delight right now. I ordered a glider/rocker chair for Elora's room on a few minutes ago. Currently I am using the glider that was formerly in Jonah's room. I need it in the nursery but I miss having it to read to Jonah in and he misses having it to rock in. I really needed two. I have searched high and low for a rocker or glider that is white and/or lavendar but to no avail unless I wanted to spend over $400, which I just can't. This is the chair I bought. It's white and "pearl" and I think it will still look good in Elora's white, lavendar, and green bedroom. I got it for under $200 including shipping AND the ottoman (and I didn't have to drive anywhere to pick it up). I've been looking online and in stores for over two months and I am very happy:)


Nancy Face said...

I hope it arrives quickly! :)

Lindsi said...

That is quite a deal, and a comfy chair is a must have. We love our glider recliner, especially if Ellie has a bad night.