Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Current Events

Okay, so without television or a major newspaper and limited time online with a new baby, I am totally out of the loop on current events. I do, however, get the local newspaper here, which only comes out once a week. Normally I just browse over it and read a random article or two. Sometimes that paper actually sits around unread for the entire week until the next one comes. It's pretty pathetic.
I can give you some current movie recommendations though. We hardly ever see movies in the theater but we saw Iron Man a few weeks ago and loved it. We also rented a new release, The Bucket List, and watched it with Jamon and Alisha on Monday night when they stayed over here. All four of us really enjoyed it.
In other news: it cost me $57 to fill up the tank on my little sedan on Saturday. Yep, almost $60 for a tank of gas on a small car! Wowzers.
Well, that's about it. I did make chocolate chip cookies last night (that is how I choose to spend what little me-time I have) and ate them while watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I combined semi-sweet with milk chocolate and it was a big hit. I did the last batch with pecans and those were actually my favorites.
Well, I'm off to the grocery store while both the babies are sleeping.
Big plans for tomorrow: make a few phone calls, clean my bathroom, maybe make jello jigglers. Mostly I just dink around online, entertain Jonah, feed and burp and change and rock Elora. Do you ever feel like your whole life revolves around food? Feeding Jonah three meals a day, planning a healthy and delicious dinner for Brandon and I and now nursing a baby is pretty much all I do. Getting one load of laundry done a day and keeping my kitchen fairly clean are big accomplishments for me.


Nancy Face said...

Chocolate chip cookies...WITH PECANS...oh, my! :D

I didn't want to see Iron Man, but that's where the fam wanted to go for Family Home Evening. Well, I LOVED it! :D

Nancy Face said...

Saturday when Ted was here we all went to see The Incredible Hulk. Surprisingly, it was REALLY good, too! :D