Sunday, June 08, 2008


Elora is 17 days old now. She was sleeping so much I was wondering if she was eating enough. Friday was her two week appointment with her pediatrician. She weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz. now. That's 14 oz. more than she weighed at checkout from the hospital! Apparently she's eating just fine. She has started having a long, fussy wakeful time in the evenings now. My pediatrician reminded me that babies become fussier and fussier from birth to about 8 weeks (right around the time of their first real/social smile, which makes things more bearable) and it peaks there and then begins to decline. I'm glad he reminded me, I remember now.

Here is Elora sound asleep in the bath. She slept thru the whole thing, hair washing and everything! She didn't open her eyes til she got out. It must have been exactly body temperature or something.


Megan said...

How cute is she!?!?! Yes, the 6-week fussy peak! It will pass!

Skye said...

What a beautiful little baby, congratulations. And Jonah looks like he loves his little sister, how cute is he! I hope you are recovering ok, good luck with everything.

Gina said...

You make such beautiful babies! What a dollbaby!