Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sundance Server

Since you're going to ask which celebs I met at work, here's the rundown:
The stars of Black Rock
Kate Bosworth, Katie Aselton, and Lake Bell

Dave Karger (this year's official red carpet greeter for the Oscars)
So friendly.

The very talented Sarah Ramos

The charming David Moscow

I think that's pretty much it.  I worked four nights of the 10 day festival.  I watched shows three of the other nights.  And staying up late so many nights in a row leaves me with a hacking cough.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sundance Begins

Tuesday night at work there were 43 people with reservations at the restaurant (on Park City's Main St.) and we only had three servers working.  My manager asked if I could work Wednesday night too.  I said yes and asked what we had in the way of reservations.  He said we had over 150.  That's what the Sundance Film Festival does to Park City.  It begins today.
So I worked last night and there was this guy at a table that I recognized and kept looking at and was sure I knew from somewhere.  He was really cute and looked about my age.  When he was leaving I was walking past and I said, "Are you a local?"
Guy: No.
Me: Do I know you from somewhere?
Guy: You might.
Me: (nothing)
Guy: I'm an actor.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Guy: It's okay, people are always asking me if I went to high school with them.
Me: And do you say, "Um, no, I'm famous."
Guy: No!  I'm not really famous.

Coworker: What did you say to that guy?
Me: Just asked him if I knew him from somewhere.
Coworker: And do you?
Me: Maybe, he's an actor.
Coworker: Yeah, I thought I knew him from somewhere and then finally realized I used to watch him on Felicity.  I love him.

Scott Speedman
(looked him up on imdb and figured out that I'd seen him in Underworld)

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Six of my co-workers, plus one wife, and one brother of co-workers joined us for Thanksgiving this year.  Also one of Alan's assistant's and her boyfriend.  It's nice to have a big group for the biggest meal of the year, especially when so many people don't have any relatives around.

Linda, Jamie, Colleen, Shawn, Me

Michi, Hartley, Josh?

Mitch, Durf, Me, Jamie, Michelle, Elora, Chad

Elora loved Michelle, Shawn, & Jamie

It was nice having Serge around for the preparations.  He is a chef at the restaurant I work at and Linda, Alan, and I had tons of questions for him.  He also introduced a new tradition: making onion rings as an appetizer before frying the turkey:)

We had four turkeys this year: inflatable, baked, smoked, and fried.  The last three were delicious.

Kiddie table

Elora trying out Chad's pumpkin chiffon pie and loving it!

After all the friends went home we enjoyed two days and nights of family time:


Elora, Trey, and Andy 

The kids and B sledding behind the 4-wheeler


Elora heading out to the pond to help Grammy & Papa shovel snow off the ice

Extended J. Family Christmas Party

Catching up.

Dec. 3rd

Margene, Bonnie, Garff

Dennis, Sharlene, R'Lene, Bill

The pile of White Elephant gifts

Trey, Coach, Margo, JD

Carmel corn!

Vanessa, M'Lindsay, Matt

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Our original plan for the Christmas holidays was to go up to the cabin on Christmas Day and stay for a couple nights.  We ended up going up Friday the 23rd and staying until yesterday (Mon. the 2nd) with a two day break at home in the middle.
Yesterday it was in the upper 40s at the cabin and though the valleys have no snow there was enough snow for sledding all week (though not really enough for snowmobiling or snowshoeing).  Lots of time spent cooking, talking, and playing video games.
basement bounce house

Checking out the ice rink

Arms out!

The sledding champ

Around Christmas Elora's throat was too sore from her tonsillectomy to make her want to breathe in the cold outside air, but now that it has healed she did a lot of sledding yesterday, even one run with her brother on his orange tube (his favorite Christmas gift).

New Year's Eve

I know I haven't posted any Christmas stuff yet but I didn't have my camera so I am waiting on others to share with me.  I do have cute Christmas-y stuff from early Dec. to post but I'm doing this first, so there.

Spent NYE working.  I have fun co-workers and I made good money.

Jay, Doug, Sara, Me, and Santi

Shawn, Michelle, Me, Chad, Brian E.

Nick, Me, Kelsi

Silly girls

Cute girls

A bunch of the gang at 1:30am