Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Our original plan for the Christmas holidays was to go up to the cabin on Christmas Day and stay for a couple nights.  We ended up going up Friday the 23rd and staying until yesterday (Mon. the 2nd) with a two day break at home in the middle.
Yesterday it was in the upper 40s at the cabin and though the valleys have no snow there was enough snow for sledding all week (though not really enough for snowmobiling or snowshoeing).  Lots of time spent cooking, talking, and playing video games.
basement bounce house

Checking out the ice rink

Arms out!

The sledding champ

Around Christmas Elora's throat was too sore from her tonsillectomy to make her want to breathe in the cold outside air, but now that it has healed she did a lot of sledding yesterday, even one run with her brother on his orange tube (his favorite Christmas gift).

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