Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sundance Begins

Tuesday night at work there were 43 people with reservations at the restaurant (on Park City's Main St.) and we only had three servers working.  My manager asked if I could work Wednesday night too.  I said yes and asked what we had in the way of reservations.  He said we had over 150.  That's what the Sundance Film Festival does to Park City.  It begins today.
So I worked last night and there was this guy at a table that I recognized and kept looking at and was sure I knew from somewhere.  He was really cute and looked about my age.  When he was leaving I was walking past and I said, "Are you a local?"
Guy: No.
Me: Do I know you from somewhere?
Guy: You might.
Me: (nothing)
Guy: I'm an actor.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Guy: It's okay, people are always asking me if I went to high school with them.
Me: And do you say, "Um, no, I'm famous."
Guy: No!  I'm not really famous.

Coworker: What did you say to that guy?
Me: Just asked him if I knew him from somewhere.
Coworker: And do you?
Me: Maybe, he's an actor.
Coworker: Yeah, I thought I knew him from somewhere and then finally realized I used to watch him on Felicity.  I love him.

Scott Speedman
(looked him up on imdb and figured out that I'd seen him in Underworld)

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Janette said...

I would have felt like I recognized him too. He is pretty cute. You're a lucky duck Em. You get to meet the coolest people.