Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Ultimate Food Survey

What is your favorite cuisine?
Nepali, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese - in that order

What is your favorite dessert?
I'm not real picky, I love the sweet stuff. Homemade cookies (no bakes, choc chip, oatmeal, etc.), ice cream, rootbeer floats, pie, cake, creme brulee...

What is your favorite breakfast?
.good blueberry muffins, pine-orange banana juice, bacon
.french toast, bacon or sausage links, oj
.my homemade banana bread in a bowl with milk poured over it and heated up
(Can you tell I'm a carb lover?)
I love hash browns too!

What is your favorite dinner?
Dhal bhat, a fabulous pasta dish, chicken tikka masala, green thai curry, La Puente or La Frontera's smothered burritos with cheese, Thanksgiving (smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, Jen's cornbread sausage & cranberry stuffing with pinenuts added, a cranberry dish, etc.) ...

Favorite lunch??
.a pint of great homemade salsa, chips, and homemade refried beans
.a great burrito

Comfort foods?
.canned Campbell's cream of tomato soup with pepper and tons of saltines (preferably while watching Perry Mason)
.fried corn tortillas

Other favorite foods unmentioned?
french fries, fruit, mashed potatoes, italian vegtables (tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, artichokes), my tomato crab bisque, Mom's cranberry orange jello salad, Linda's carrot cake and a variety of her other dishes, Lisa's cranberries n' cream, Michael's caesar salad, Alisha's black bean soup, Pawena's green curry, anything Nepali that Smeeta makes... (I like not having to cook even though I enjoy it)

Favorite spices?
Curry, cumin, fresh ginger, garlic, cilantro, basil...

Travel food experiences:
.Pretty much every plate of dhal bhat I had in Nepal was pure heaven, the momos there were fantastic too.
.The tortilla soup they serve at the poolside restaurant at the Girasol Sur condos in Puerto Vallarta was incredible as are tacos and tamales from street vendors everywhere I've been in Mexico.
.New York City and San Francisco were all around culinary delights.
.The Tony Newcomb Chili Cookoff in Oklahoma City in August is one of my all-time favorite events as well as the Clam Chowder tasting festival on Nantucket island in fall.
.Our trip to Louisianna brought us the delights of dirty rice, meat pies, red beans & rice, etc. I'd never had authentic southern food before and I enjoyed it:)

Once in a lifetime food experiences:
.The inside out german chocolate cake that Alan & Linda had at their wedding (I got the recipe but it is something I know I will never take the time to make)

Cooking fiasco story?
I can't think of a particular one (feel free to remind me), but pretty much every time we invite someone over for dinner the meal is taking longer than I expected

Most memorable meal you ever made?
.Possibly the time I made Sara Jane's Sour Cream Chicken (a favorite for company) and Sarah's Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Carmel Sauce (everyone asked for the recipe) for three couples without little kids at our apartment on halloween night
.Thanksgivings are always memorable too (with McBrides, Jensens, Pettits, Rajaratnams, etc.)
.fondue night with Lacey

Favorite Restaurants?
I'm not really sure, I just don't like eating at chains. I like Ajanta in OKC as well as Bravos there. I don't eat out all that much. Spicy Lady in Heber has great ambiance but Snake Creek Grill has much better food.

I tag you all!


Robin said...

In general your cooking doesn't make me puke. hee hee. I wish I had as many cool food experiences as you, I love food.

Nancy Face said...

I love food, and now I'm HUNGRY! I agree with Robin...I wish I had lots of cool food experiences like you've had! :)

Lauren said...

mmmm Food. I love your answers!