Saturday, April 26, 2008

April in Photos

My boys, watchin' a little Baby Einstein.

Who has the cutest hair ever?

Playgroups make Jonah squeal with delight.

I eat my veggies.

Nacho Libre (my good friend, Ryan) cruisin' our street.

Spend a weekend hanging out with Elaine, one of my dearest friends (she lives in Houston).

My good friend Avalie meets us for Brandon's birthday lunch. Hadn't seen her in almost a year, she's just as funny as ever.

My SIL, Katie's and her boyfriend, Jason, head off to her senior prom.

Lisa dressed him...

This was Jonah's first trip to the zoo where he is old enough to appreciate it. It was so fun to watch him watch the animals!! I got season passes if anyone in UT ever wants to join me, I've got a ticket for you.

One of less than 10 white (not albino) alligators in the world. See it now at Hogle Zoo.


Alycat said...

looks like a fun month!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Let us know when and we'll meet you at the zoo! So cool!

Robin said...

Man, that is a cute kid! I was so happy to see all the new pics up and glad you had a great time with Lisa.

Zach and Shanna said...

When did Katie grow up? Looks like a fun month!

Nancy Face said...

I LOVED this post! Great pictures! :D