Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Some Random Stuff I'm Up To

I finally saw Disney's animated movie Tangled on Friday.  It was fantastic (as are most of Disney's animated films).  The writing was really excellent, I'm not saying it wasn't cliche or predictable, but they managed to make a frying pan almost an actual character and that is talent.

Have you ever read Uncle Orson Reviews Everything?  I haven't in a long while, but I decided to drop by the Hatrack River website to read the most recent one.  Good stuff.
I certainly don't agree with everything he says, but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless, especially his tirade about the unnecessary use of the F-word in films.

I read The Hunger Games on our vacation to Florida.  Can't wait to read the next in the trilogy and I'm excited for the movie-version too!  Brandon read Hunger Games too.  I was surprised, we never read the same books close together:)  It's fun having something frivolous to discuss.
I finished reading Cold Mountain this morning at like 1am.  Need to start Prodigal Summer for book club ASAP.  I hope this reading trend continues.  Maybe I'll finish all the books I've started over the past year and haven't completed while I'm on a roll.  I started The Picture of Dorian Gray last week and I've got so many books I want to read.

We haven't had tv for months so I'm a little bit sad about missing out on American Idol, Glee, etc. right now, but not really.  I know I kind find them online when and if I ever really want to.  I am almost finished with Season 3 of Bones on Netflix.  I started watching Season 1 of American Dreams on dvd and am loving that too.  I am currently midway thru The Truman Show (I've seen it before but I'm watching it again since we visited the town it was filmed in in FL) and It's Kind of a Funny Story (which already made me cry a little).  I watched Star Trek for a 2nd time while in FL (bought it for myself for Christmas), I still give it a five-star rating.  Started watching Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief in FL but despite an interesting storyline and great special effects, the writing was painfully bad and I couldn't sit thru the whole thing.
American Dreams cast

After a nearly two-month hiatus from serving (I was essentially demoted to busser cause I didn't have enough serving experience for such a high-end restaurant), I am back on the floor at the restaurant.  I'm only working two days a week though.

Well, that's about everything going on with me right now.  Boring post but you'll get over it.

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