Sunday, April 10, 2011

Florida Pictures

I already posted all of these and more on Facebook, but here are the highlights for the rest of you:
The M Family.  Brandon's stepdad Michael, sis Tori, Mom Lisa, and sis Viv.
Chilin' by the pool on a cool day.

Hot tub time!

Brandon and the kids swimming in our awesome pool.

Tori & Brandon doing what Jonah called a "blast" into the pool.

Elora enjoying a "lolly" while lounging on top of "Papa Mike".  Note the cool pirate tattoo on her thigh.

Tori and the beer sampler at McGuire's Irish Pub, where we enjoyed lunch one day.  

Jonah (and Brandon) enjoying their $.18 bean soup in front of one of the many money-covered walls (the ceiling was also hung with hundreds of real dollar bills).

Elora tipping back a shot of homemade root beer.

Elora running to her daddy:)

Destin, FL - best sand in the world!

Feeding 'Gators

Walking the pier at the Village of Baytown Wharf

Treehouse in Baytown (loved the Spanish Moss hanging all over in the trees!)


Exploring Seaside, FL


Lacey said...

So jealous of the pool and I still LOVE Eloras bathing suit. Do you think they make it in my size or would that look silly?

Macey said...


Nicole and Garrett said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went to Destin. Northern Florida is the best.