Monday, November 09, 2009


Friday after a fun day of riding ponies and looking at dinosaur bones at Thanksgiving Point, Elora got some sort of stomach flu. Just before dinner she threw up. She barfed over and over until there was nothing left in her tiny, little belly. She slept fine and then acted starving in the morning. I just gave her water at first, then a little apple juice, but she kept begging for our sausage (we had Alan & Linda over for pumpkin clove pancakes) so we finally gave her a piece. About an hour later she threw everything up again. She was on liquids-only until dinnertime when she had a little bread, whipped cream, etc. and slept fine again that night and seemed perfect Sunday morning.
Unfortunately, Sunday evening at dinnertime, Jonah started acting crazy. He was making weird noises and acting wild. We were pretty sure he was freaking out about feeling like he was going to puke. We asked him if his tummy hurt but he said no. But he did say he was sick. He finally threw up about a half an hour later. He threw up about five more times before going to bed at 7:00. This is when the real ordeal began. From 7pm until 3am Jonah woke up every thirty minutes to throw up. It was horrible. We were up at the cabin and slept in the same room as he did (except for Elora who slept like an angel in another room all night) so we could take care of him. None of us got more than a couple hours of sleep. He woke up at 5:45 ready to start the day. He kept telling us "I tired" all morning but we couldn't get him to nap until 11. He slept for four hours. Brandon, Elora, and I slept for a good portion of that time too. It was possibly the longest/hardest night of my life.
He managed a few bites of breakfast today (though he kept asking for more), a snack, and a decent dinner. It seems to have been a 24-hour milder bug for Elora and a violent 12-hour bug for Joe. Poor kids. Sadly, the grandparents picked up the virus while they were with us at the cabin. So far, Brandon and I are feeling fine. Let's hope it stays that way.
Going to bed early tonight.


Andy said...

I'm sorry. That does not sound like a fun night. I hope you stay healthy.

Ryan & Elaine Pettit said...

Ohhh poor kiddos hope they feel better soon. Give them plenty kisses from us. Love you guys

Megan said...

Yuck!!! I hate the pukes with kids.