Thursday, November 04, 2010


November it the month for giving thanks for all of our bounteous blessings.  I have seen a lot of people doing daily thankful posts on their blogs or their Facebook status updates so I am stealing the idea but not willing to commit to a daily post, I will just do a few days at a time.

1st- I am grateful for the miraculous human body.  It amazes me.  It's ability to heal, the way it all works together, everything.  I am awed by the wonder of re-creation and delighted by the movements of a baby inside his mother.  Even as I see poison oak taking a dramatic toll on my husband's body and cancer poisoning my sister and grandmother, I am still amazed.

2nd- I am thankful for my sister Karen.  She called me yesterday and we spent an hour talking on the phone.  I was only vaguely aware of her existence until she was about 16 when I suddenly decided that I really liked her.  In the past couple years we have become really good friends.  She is smart and sassy and funny and fun and so easy to talk to.

3rd- good books.  Seriously, I love reading and I had so much fun going through my 'to read' list on this week to pick out suggestions for my bookclub's 2011 list:)

4th - I am grateful for this man:

who spent today cleaning up camping gear, cleaning out the garage, and just being very productive on his day off.  He is the best dad as well and I'm just so lucky to have him!


Karen said...

thanks em. that made my day a little brighter.

Karen said...

alot brighter. thankful for you too.