Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Baby

Today was Jonah's two month check up. I have been dreading this day because I knew he had to get 4 shots. He did great! He was so tired that he fell asleep literally 3 minutes after the shots were given. Poor little guy. Let's hope he isn't too fussy tonight and doesn't get a fever.
This picture is him two days ago. Isn't he cute in his little shorts?! We think he's a darling little toad. He has no neck, which isn't surprising since he weighs in at 13 lbs. 4 oz. now. His percentages are the same as last month: 90th for headsize, 75th for weight, and 50th for height (he's 23 inches now).
Jonah loves having "conversations" and I even got him to leave a message on Nana & Papa's answering machine yesterday. He has recently discovered the power of his lungs (which makes his 3 minute cry before some naps a little more nerve wracking), is enjoying sucking his fists or fingers, and loves his mobile and dangly toys on his swing. He just keeps getting more and more fun.


Drew and Annie said...

What a chunk! Jonah is just like Vance was...I loved it!

Robin said...

We love neckless little toads around here!

michelle said...

What a fantastic smile!!