Sunday, April 01, 2007

2 4 2getherness

2 things you compliment your spouse on while in his presence:

1. His sexiness.
2. He's an awesome dad and husband!

2 compliments you make about your spouse to your friends about your spouse:

1. I really brag when he helps with housework, etc.
2. He is so ambitious, such a good student, so all-around talented, he learns easily & quickly and seems to be good at everything.

2 traits you married him for:

1. His love and devotion.
2. I knew he would be sucesssful and make cute babies.

2 days you cherished most when you and your spouse were together:

1. The day we had our sonogram & the day Jonah was born (I know that's really two).
2. Any day he spends with me and doesn't play a computer game.

2 Material things you could give your husband if you just inherited a fortune:

1. A ski boat.
2. Timeshares (in Mexico, Lake Powell, Montana, etc.).

2 things you would miss the most if he left for two weeks:

1. Just his company in general.
2. His helpfulness - with the baby, the litterbox, the trashes, etc.

2 thoughts that crossed your mind when you first met/saw your spouse:

1. He's hot!
2. He's tough (he was boxing with a friend of ours).

2 favorite dates:

1. going to plays
2. hiking (or anything outdoors and active)

2 funny things you love about him:

1. His utter silliness especially when it is displayed in front of others
2. When he uncharacteristically becomes meticulous about his appearance (does this tie go?)

2 places you have lived with your spouse:

1. A big 2 bdrm. hardwood floored apt. in a fourplex in downtown Salt Lake City.
2. A small 1 bdrm. apt. with no heat or a/c (didn't need either) in Laie, Hawaii.

2 favorite vacations:

1. Our 3 month journey in Nepal.

2. Whenever we go to AZ and I get to see him interact with my family.

(Side note for myself) Other vacations we've been on:

Eureka Springs, AR
Lake Powell (several times)
Rocky Point (2x)
Puerto Vallarta (2x)
Visiting his family in UT or IL (lots)
Disneyland (3x)
San Diego
Flaming Gorge (several times)
Laughlin, NV
Afton, WY
Fullerton, CA
Island Park, ID

(2 questions I added myself)

2 best physical features:

1. smile
2. eyes
(and hair when he grows it out)

2 best personality features:

1. when he does something, he does it well
2. sense of humor, of course

I tag Mike, Stephanie (both of you), Annie, Lisa formerly Anderson (if you even read this), Elaine, Jill, Macey, and Megan.


Tori :) said...

Sonogram days are always special. That's a good one.
Cute pic!

Drew and Annie said...

What a cute thing to post about your hubbie! Plus that's a really good pic of B..gerrr!

sjmiller said...

How cute, and fun!

I got tagged!!

I will do it when I get home from errands.

And, I agree, that is a great picture of 'B'!!