Saturday, March 31, 2007

McBride Madness

We spent all week with Brandon's mom's family, The McBrides. They were here in town from Illinois for their Spring Break. B's stepdad is from here and his mom, Vivian (GG to Jonah, as in greatgrandma) fed us nearly every night.

We spent a lot of time playing the Nintendo Wii. Here is Vivi with her Mii.
Tori, age 11 (but taller than me) loved helping with Jonah. She is very good with him and he loved having her hold him, change him, etc. Jo loves the sound of Nana Lisa's voice.

Here is Jonah's Daddy Mac (B's stepdad Michael) with his Mii. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him holding Jonah, he was very sweet with him and it was cute to see such a big cuddly guy holding our tiny cuddly guy.
Well, we did a lot this week I'll try to remember it all. We went to the zoo, we saw Blades of Glory (it's hysterical and needs to be watched with surround sound), played a lot of Wii, ate a lot, talked a lot, had Jonah's portraits taken, went to the mall, and enjoyed the rainy weather. Today was the first day of sunshine in about two weeks and B took the gals to buy and fly kites before they headed home.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Family is a blessing, when they are extended and dont see ya much you feel special.

Drew and Annie said...

I was discussing baby girl names with Christina a few days ago and we both agree that although the name Vivian is old I'd love to name my girl Vivi (short for Vivian) like Jonah's GG! :)

Lauren said...

My little brother is obsessed with Wii...he saw me reading this blog and was immediately entranced by the pictures you posted with the Wii in the background...