Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Little Angel

Today was Jonah's first time to church. He behaved himself very well. His churchy clothes are still too big so he wore this stylish outfit. This afternoon he was in a very sweet and smiley mood.

Jonah's one month check up was on Friday. I can't believe he's a month old already! It has gone by so quickly. He weighs 10 lbs. 13 oz. now (notice his jowels). I still think he is tiny, until I saw a couple other newborns today. But he's our little angel. He's in the 75th percentile for weight at his age, only 50th for height at 21 inches. I cried when he got his first Hep. B shot. He screamed, but only for a moment and suffered nothing afterwards. He is still sleeping well and is overall a wonderful baby.

I find it amusing that he has so much hair and yet his eyebrows and eyelashes are so light and thin that they are pretty much invisible. Oh, and speaking of hair, he recently discovered mine and likes to clench it. With his better hand control he is punching and scratching himself less and he sucks on his fists when he's hungry. It's adorable, everything about him is.


Drew and Annie said...

First church meeting ehh? How did you survive? I remember my first visit to the mother's lounge. That was such a cool initiation into Mormon motherhood for me...nursing with other mommies while listening to sacrament meeting talks.

michelle said...

What a beautiful pair you make!

Macey Kay said...

He is a little angel!

Lauren said...

I got your cute baby announcement and thank you card yesterday! He is so cute...I love it.

sjmiller said...

He looks like a stud muffin in that first picture!

How cute!!

Drew and Annie said...

Um, time for a new blog Em! Do you think you are a busy mom of a newborn that it is acceptable to slack off now?!!! :)
Hey, we got Jonah's birth announcement today in the mail. Thanks for thinking of us. I hope you like those P.J.s. Those honestly are our favs hands down. I can't believe you still have that Bethlehem blanket. I plan on using mine for the new baby since I totally forgot I had it when Vance was born.