Monday, March 12, 2007

Week in Review

All the days kind of blur together now that I'm not working. Let's see what I can remember from last week.
Sunday Jonah started smiling at us. His first "real" smiles! It is very exciting and totally adorable. He also coos at us now too. He is very alert when he's awake.
He slept 5 hours in a row on Monday night but has not done so again yet.
Brandon finally bought himself a Nintendo Wii that he's been looking for since November. I'm not really into video games (although I did like the Nintendo 64), but this system, especially the novel remote controller is prettty fantastic. Brandon beats me at everything, but the Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Excite Truck are all really fun anyway.
Decided that I need to eat onions, even cooked ones, in moderation, or it upsets little Jonah.
I cooked good meatloaf and italian meatballs this week and got Chicken Tikka Masala from our Indian restaurant one night.
Found another fun British show, Tommy & Tuppence. Brandon even watched whole shows and enjoyed them. It's another Agatha Christie detective show, the same actors that star in one of my favorite Brit movies, Why Didn't They Ask Evans.
Tonight, since Heroes wasn't on, we rented (Netflix) and watched Stranger Than Fiction. I'd seen it in the dollar theaters not long ago but wanted to watch it again with Brandon. He watched it all in one sitting, which is a rarity. It made me have to bake cookies.
Saturday night was really fun, we went over to Jamon & Alisha's house to go to the park, hang out, eat dinner (lobster freshly steamed at Walmart), talk, and play the Wii. Jonah was really good and slept 4 hours while we played around. It was fun getting out of the house for a little double date. Alisha mentioned that playing tennis or bowling on the Wii is like going out but without having to find a babysitter!
Sunday I left the baby home with his daddy and went to church alone. I taught in Relief Society and the lesson went well, it was on prayer. I love teaching.
Well, it's past my bedtime, so I'd better go.


michelle said...

I enjoyed stranger than fiction, wish I would have thought of cookies though!

More pics. please, you, jonah and brandon.

Tori :) said...

Good for you for teaching in RS. I had that calling for a little while and HATED it. I always felt they all knew more than me anyway, so why was I up there?? And then you have the people that make weird comments...

Lauren said...

I am glad you got to go on a little double date! I have never tried lobster, but I am dying to do so. I didn't really like Stranger than kinda made me sad. But in a way I liked it...I dunno, I need to see it again!

sjmiller said...

"Stranger than fiction" made me want cookies so bad! But, I watched it at my father in laws house, so there was no way I could bake cookies.

Nick was just telling me about the Wii, and how we need to get one. I'm not into video games, but I do like the Nintendo DS for it's portability. I think I would use that more.

Good to hear that you are doing well, getting out, and enjoying being a mom. I know what you mean about the days all running together. That is how it was for me till Heath started school.