Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final Sundance Film

I got to go to my first and last Sundance movie with my handsome hubby. We saw the opening film on the first night of the festival and our last movie was another worldwide premier but didn't show until two days before the end of the festival. I thought seeing four movies spread out over eight days was perfect. All of the films were really good. I only had to get a babysitter twice and got to go out with girlfriends twice in one week. It's been a really good Sundance experience for me.
Last night's movie was called Moon. It was a great sci-fi film starring the incredibly talented Sam Rockwell. It got a buyer so should be out in theaters in the near future (congrats to its very young director). It will be rated R if they don't cut out the F-word about 10 times.
I actually did my hair for once, my makeup looked good, and I really wanted to get my picture taken with Sam Rockwell. After we got our seats I left Brandon and went to buy a water and to hover near the star seating. The first celebrity I saw was Fisher Stevens, who has been in lots of tv shows and several movies but whose name I was completely unaware of. I smiled at him but got no smile in response and because I didn't know his name I decided I was unworthy of a picture with him.
I thought I spied Don S. Davis (whose name I also didn't know but do now thanks to the internet), another tv star, but I'm not sure.
I saw David Bowie, which was pretty cool.
I got close enough to tap Rockwell on the shoulder but didn't because he had just started talking to a woman I recognised but couldn't place who was sitting next to Bowie and I didn't want to be rude and interrupt him. I was then tapped on the shoulder and told I needed to move because I was in a restricted area.
Nearly bumped into Stevens, who still looked gruff, as the lights went down and I returned to my seat.
The woman Rockwell had been talking to turned out to be Trudie Styler, the movie's producer. I recognised her from a Friends episode where Pheobe attempts to stalk Sting. Oh yeah, she is Sting's wife, who she was sitting right next to but who I didn't recognise cause he looked like this (pictured here with Bacon & Rockwell from an event earlier this week):

(disclaimer: I did not see Kevin Bacon)
I was about to wet my pants after the Q & A session with the filmmakers and ran to the bathroom during which time I apparently missed all the stars hanging out in back doing pictures with fans. Doh!
Brandon could not wrap his brain around why I want to have my picture taken with celebrities when I don't seem starstruck. I explained that I like to do things that not everybody gets to do and I like to have pictures of me doing it. Everybody "knows" these people but not many people get to meet them. It's not that I think they are so different from you or me I just want proof that I saw them. It's not that you wouldn't believe I saw them if I didn't have a picture, I just want a picture. Okay?!!
And even though we weren't near anything that said 'Sundance' anymore, I had to have someone snap this picture of B and I in the dark, near our car, even though you can't tell I was looking hot.

Right before this picture was taken Brandon said to the stranger taking it, "What is it with girls and pictures?"
To which I said to Brandon, "Just smile or you're not gettin' any."


Lauren said...

Sex. Eww.

Colee said...

Sounds like a really fun experience. I totally get the picture thing. I've met celebrities in the past (including Kevin Bacon, ironically) and I never took any pics, which I regret. I take pics of my own friends or a weird random person on the street. Why not take them with a celebrity? It's an experience like anything else. Glad you had a fun time, you deserve it!