Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Jonah Makes Me Laugh SO Much...

(and this is all just stuff from January)

He likes keys.

Sliding is more fun when done with a friend, such as your stuffed moose.

Heaven forbid you should try to let Elora be in a picture with him.

Farts feel funny.

If left alone in his room playing, I could come back to find this.


Skye said...

I love those, especially the one of him looking out the window.

Cher said...

Your kids are adorable. The one with Jonah in the corner holding his teddy bear is funny. The look on his face is like: "How dare you try to take my teddy bear! You're not getting it!"
And then the one where you were trying to get both of them in the picture. Elora looks so offended by his unwilling attitude.
And also what a climber Jonah is!

Robin said...

The cuteness contained in your last two posts is almost unbearable!