Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More Sundancing

Will Forte!  One of the funniest men alive and also on my most recent Celebrity Crushes list.  SO sweet. Hugged me when I told him that he was my favorite SNL guy.

Anthony Anderson (loved him in the film and in person)

Graham Phillips - isn't he adorable?  Also an incredible actor.

David Duchovny
I'm a huge fan.  I watched all nine seasons of X-Files.  He proved himself to be funny without a script in the Q&A session after the film but certainly not especially friendly in person (but at least he took some time with fans).

Parker Posey took this photo of Cherolyn and I with her after the premier of her latest independent film, Price Check, which we enjoyed but didn't love.

Rena and I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Leavitt's live and pre-recorded performances at the Hit RECord show (of which I have unimpressive video) but we waited 20 minutes after the show for him and then when we asked him for a photo with him he refused:(

Still cute after midnight

Goats was by far the best of the three shows I saw and was the best Sundance movie I've seen in three years.  Brandon, Linda, Alan, and I went to its premier last Tuesday night after having a delectable dinner at Silver.  Watch for it in theaters in a few months, I'm sure it found a big-name studio to buy it.  Touching and SO funny.

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