Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on the Kiddos

This morning I woke up to Elora saying, "Mommy, where ya ARE?"

JONAH'S FAVORITES: (age 3 1/2)
foods: broccoli, cottage cheese, avocado, yogurt, popsicles, suckers, chocolate, cake
books: Owl at Home, On the Night You Were Born
shows: He likes everything we have, which is mostly Disney animated movies.  He also likes Super Why and Word World.
words: "n'cause" (kind of like 'because'), no
phrases: "I three.  I can do it.", "And when I five, I go to school!", "I can't do it!",
activities: playing outside, riding his bike, playing with the kids in the neighborhood (I think five-year-old Corinne might be his favorite though he often calls her Christian, her brother's name), hanging out with Vivian, talking

foods: broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, suckers, licorice, oranges
books: she really likes stuff with cats in them right now and she also still loves Where the Wild Things Are
shows: Winnie the Pooh (aka: Silly Pooh), Aristocats (aka: kitty one), Curious George ("monkey one")
words: "moy" (more),
phrases: "I do it myself!", "Go 'way" (when she's mad), "I love you" (to everyone now!) or "I love you hair" or "I love you earrings", "I do!" (her response to anything you tell her NOT to do), "I to like it" (meaning she doesn't like something)
activities: (though it appears her favorite thing to do is trip and fall down, that is not true), buckling herself into anything, coloring on herself and things she shouldn't, washing her hands, jumping on the "jumpoline", sucking on the three fingers of her left hand and twirling hair with her right, putting on anything "fwancy" (aka: playing dress-up)


Robin said...

Thank you for that post! I love hearing all about their darlingness! Miss you guys.

stephanie said...

Oh cute.

Sheryl said...

Your kids are adorable!