Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Weekend

First off, I took 252 pictures on my camera in May.  That's insane.
Secondly, I want more comments on my Best Movies lists. Pronto.
And now onto Memorial Day weekend.  Originally we were supposed to go camping in Lake Powell, then we were supposed to go camping closer to home, finally we just decided to go up to the cabin on Sunday night and spend the day there with Brandon's immediate family on Monday.  Plans continued to change moment to moment.
Saturday afternoon we decided that we would go spend the next three nights at the cabin.  Saturday night Linda made us a yummy dinner, I did some reading, and then Brandon and I hot tubbed and talked for an hour or two, it was heavenly.  Sunday I managed to sleep in til 9:00 by some sort of miracle.  I went to church and tidied up the house before heading back up to the cabin.  Katie, Jason, and Vanessa were at the cabin when I arrived and Kathy, Bryson, Bailee, Andy, Brandon, Oakley, Derek, and Tianna all arrived that evening.
It was a full house and we had fun hanging out and talking and staying up way too late.  Monday we had a big, delicious breakfast, went four-wheeling, etc.
Brandon and Jonah kayaking on our pond.

Vanessa and Elora enjoying breakfast.

Jason and Katie making blueberry pancakes.

Hanging out on the deck.

Elora lovin' on Cody.

A very serious game of Blokkus.

That afternoon Tianna, Vanessa, Katie, Andy, and I played a new game called Captain Clueless.  It was pretty fun.  Alan bought a smoker that morning and smoked ribs all afternoon.  Kathy and kids left early but Bobby and Ian replaced them for the evening.
After a scrumptious dinner which Elora didn't eat, she came down with a fever.  We assumed she'd caught Jonah's cold until she threw up.  We decided to go home for the night afterall.  It was a relaxing and fun weekend.  Thank you all!

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