Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Week

Last week was yet another crazy, busy week, but fortunately much more pleasant than the week before.
For Valentine's Day we made reservations at Market Street Grill downtown and were planning to go to a movie. We were both so sick though that we cancelled our dinner reservations and our babysitter and stayed home to take a bath.
Sunday the 15th Jonah and I slept thru most of church and then I woke up, took a benadryl and went to the last hour so I could teach Relief Society (the women's group). The lesson was on missionary work and went incredibly well. I used an 8x10 picture of my brother Mark who is currently serving in Mexico as my visual, just so I could show off how handsome he is.
Monday I was still miserably sick but went into work in the morning for some training for a few hours.
Tuesday starting to feel better. Had bookclub that evening. The book was Kabul Beauty School, which I haven't finished but am loving. Thank you Lisa A. for recommending it to me. My bookclub usually spends most of the evening (we generally meet from 7-8:30 and have dessert) actually talking about the book, but this time we just couldn't seem to get on topic, let alone stay there. It was a nice evening nonetheless. I love those ladies!
Thursday I convinced Brandon to postpone our concealed weapons class (he is concerned over changing legislation, I am concerned over our personal lack of funds, not to mention the fact that the only guns we own are riffles.). It was nice to stay at home.
Thursday evening I worked an event at East Bay Studios. It was a band night party. I got to hear my manager's son's incredibly talented band (at one point one guy was playing a trumpet with one hand, a keyboard with the other, and then stopped to sing!) called Side Dish. And I also got to hear Brandon's cousin's Truman perform. They are fantastic. Their music makes me swoon, swoon I say!

Chad Truman on guitar and Ben Truman on keyboard. They both have the most beautiful voices.

Friday Brandon skipped day two of his Utah dental convention because it was so sunny out and we took the kids to the zoo in the morning. That evening I had a flop of a girl's night in. Three friends showed up but they all only stayed an hour. It was nice eating sweets and chatting though. I watched both of the movies I'd rented later (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day & Marie Antionette). Both were good but not great. Strangely they both starred Shirley Henderson (aka: Moaning Myrtle) in supporting roles. I like her.
Saturday afternoon we decided to join Alan and Linda to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button so we could say we'd seen at least one Oscar nominee before watching the Academy Awards on Sunday. It was a great show. Take tissues with you if you haven't seen it yet. Kathy and Alex joined us at the movie as well (she cried as much as I did) and we all went out to dinner at Bangkok Thai afterwards. Andy and Brandon M. met us there as well so it was a big family party. We are loud and I bet the other patrons were glad to see the silly people in the center of the restaurant leave:)
Monday I worked six hours while Brandon stayed home with the kids. He kept saying how cute they'd been, but I've never seen him more frazzled!


victoria said...

Awe honey!! I hope you are feeling better! I will add the mrs Pettigrew to my netflix que. I have OVERLOADED on british mini-series and LOVE it! I LOVE the instant movies! I have to watch The Zohan movie with Adam Sandler next. My mom is borrowing the "Persuasions" movie and watching it tonight. You made me SOO happy with that gift!! I just can't thank you enough you clever little minx!

Jules said...

Sounds like a lot of fun (especially the book club--ha ha) mixed in with all the icky sick. My sister-in-law came out to Utah from Iowa with her husband for the dental convention. Lucky for us, because they treated us to dinner at Tucano's. Yum.

Robin said...

Our Bunko group is more chatty than competitive and I like it that way. Sounds like you have been able to have a little you time which is always good. Glad Brandon got to spend a whole day alone with the kiddos, it's good for him and he should be appreciating all you do even more now.