Monday, March 02, 2009

Huge Frustration

In other news, I left my purse in a movie theater on Saturday night and although it was the last showing of the night and we called 30 mins. later, it was gone. We've terrorized the managers and had them do an inquisition of the three night workers (who have all worked there quite a while and who turned in two wallets stuffed with cash just last week) and I searched the theater myself on Sunday morning before they opened, but it is really gone. There was no activity on my iphone or my credit card when I called to cancel them. I am relieved but more annoyed than ever. Why steal everything and not use it?! Just to make my life difficult I suppose.
After reporting my phone and credit card stolen I still have so much to do:
File a police report.
Get a new sim card for my old phone and reactivate it.
Buy a new purse and wallet.
Get a new driver's licence.
Cry over lost $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card (and other smaller gift cards).
Thank God again that my new debit card, cash, big gift certificate, and checks were not in there.
Replace my zoo passes, fishing licence & health insurance card.
Change our locks and garage door openers. Uuuuuuuugh!!!!
Try to remember what else was in there!
I hope it was just chapstick and hand lotion.


Jami Baker said...

That's soooo annoying. That happened to me... We were leaving out of town and I left my wallet on the hood of the car IN MY DRIVEWAY and someone came and took it while I was inside and had already used my card at the gas station by us and I had our cash for the trip in there and many gift cards, ect and it was a bummer day for me. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO ANNOYING LIKE THAT????

Hope it all works out for you!!

Liam's Mom said...

What a drag! That sucks so bad! I am sorry. People are jerks!

Skye said...

That stinks, I'm so sorry.

Lauren said...

That sucks so bad!

Christy said...

What a nightmare. I can never remember all the junk I have in my purse. Get your free credit report to make sure you aren't forgetting about a credit card. Sorry you have to do all that just b/c of some silly yoo-hoo kleptomaniac.

Sara and Cory said...

Major bummer!! I left my purse in a Wendy's in a super dumpy part of Las Vegas for a couple of hours before we realized it. I couldn't believe it was still there!! So sorry you have to deal with all that!

Annie said...

That's miserable and probably the worst thing that can happen on a daily basis even worst than your son doing diarrhea all over the floor (unfortunatly I speak from experience on that one).

Macey said...

Bummer! Hope everything works out. Your kids are cute, can't believe Elora is walking!